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When Target issued me the challenge to put together a look for Christmas day, I knew what I’d do immediately. We are spending a few days with Hubby’s family and will just be kicking back and relaxing. Bliss. I wanted casual, easy to wear but still on trend. White, blue and tan are one of my all time favourite colour combinations. In fact fellow plus blogger Ashley Rose was saying the same thing yesterday. It’s so crisp. So classic. Such a win.

So my outfit consists of shorts, a t-shirt and a light kimono jacket. Comfortable, easy to wear and sort of dressed up at the same time. For hot summer Christmas in central Queensland, well that’s about as fancy as it is going to get my friends. These cute shoes are comfortable and add a nice bit of height and length to the longer line shorts. I’m stuck on what to call them to be honest, they aren’t really clogs, nor are they wedges, but they aren’t really heels either. What a dilemma. Anywhoo. My sister styled my hair in a messy twist braid, toss on some aviators and hey presto, done and dusted.

plus size christmas day outfit summer 2013 2014-4
plus size christmas day outfit summer 2013 2014-3 plus size christmas day outfit summer 2013 2014-6 plus size christmas day outfit summer 2013 2014-5

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Plain White T-Shirt
Kimono Jacket
Bermuda Style Denim Shorts
Tan Ankle Strap Sandals 

plus size christmas day outfit summer 2013 2014-7

Some other great looks for a cruisey and casual Christmas day are on the board below. Because why shop one style when you can shop them all. Find all these pieces online or in-store at Target. You’re welcome. That’s one more thing to tick off your Christmas list. Is that list getting shorter? Gosh I hope so. I don’t want to freak you out but there is not much time left!!

Christmas Day Outfit by Target

Outfit 1: Dress, Necklace, Shoes
Outfit 2: Dress, Hat, Shoes
Outfit 3: Dress, Tote, Shoes
Outfit 4: Dress, Shoes
Outfit 5: Dress, Tote, Shoes

What do you wear Christmas day?

If you say you wear togs by the pool, I might just cry. Jealous.

  • Danimezza

    I have those sandals in beige, LOVE THEM. Almost bought tan until I realised I hardly ever wear tan. I have the neon bag too but in gold, it’s pretty awesome and the blue bag is on my wishlist. Love your messy braid and laid back style.

    • They are really great, right!? Super comfortable and easy to wear. A perfect causal summer shoe. Even if my foot DID turn orange the first day I wore them. There are plenty of these items on my list too, let me tell you. How is the gold bag faring?

      Thanks! Ac did the braid and you’ve met me, laid back IS my style. Haha.

  • Knee length shorts are so casual and chic. Gorgeous!

    • Thank you! And yes, I agree, there’s something about them at this length.