It wouldn’t be out of line to say I courted SodaStream over the past {12?} months. A long time user and big timer lover of SodaStream, it would have been out of the ordinary to see me without a SS bottle in hand. I dragged them everywhere. One bright shiny day it turned out, SodaStream loved me back. Love, might be a strong word. But I’m sure they’ll come around. But I don’t care. I love them, we had one when I was a kid and I’ve loved it ever since. I give the packs as gifts all the time. Ask my brother, who doesn’t really drink soft drink anyway. Ha. My Dad, was WAY happier with his.  
After speaking with the representative and accepting an offer of a give away set for the blog, I pitched a cocktail post. After all, during my 12 months courting them I’d seen a number of blogs featuring SodaStream and most {if not ALL} of them had a tutorial on how to use it. Me, I know how to fizz my loveliness, and I am assuming you too can follow the de’structions on the bottle. Let me know if not, I’ll hook you up with the inside tips… 
So here we go, the how to guide to a SodaStream Summer Cocktail party. 
Our flavour selections! Mmmm, yummy.
The best part has to be that because most of the flavours make up to 48 litres, it’s virtually impossible to run out at a party. We’ve all been to thooooose parties where the mixers run out and it kills the party. Or thee wait for Domino’s to deliver the replacement mixers just takes too long. Oh what, just me!? Awkward. We as long as there was cold water {or a tap, let’s face it} we had mixers. Winning! 
For a full range of flavours go here. I’m placing an order for a pile of sugar free one’s before the festive season is upon us. But overall all bar the Kids range {What the HECK SodaStream, MORE sugar in the kids ones, are you mad!? It could be a fruit thing, I’ll let you know} contain less than 5g per 100g. Which in a maintenance quit sugar plan would be allowable. And compared to most soft drinks this is all kinds of AWESOME. Some contain UP TO 40g/100g. Eeek. 
So here they are, our masterpieces. And the few that we made that we’re as pretty or as interesting but were cool anyway. Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to accurately document a cocktail party at which you are bar tender AND participant AND head document’er. No really, you try it.   
 Lemon Mojito’s
4 generous shots of vodka
1 Litre Sugar Free Summer Lemon
Juice of 3 limes, squeezed {or the bottle works well too}
1 Lime, cut into wedges & mint for glass
Makes FOUR
Summer Soda Punch
1 Litre SodaStream Sugar Free Summer Lemon
1 Litre of soda water
1/2 Litre of Ginger Ale
1/2 up to 1 Litre of Orange Mango {replace with juice if preferred}
1 cup of Midori
2 bottle of Champaign {you’re call}
2 x Oranges, 1 x Lemon + Springs for mint for decoration 
{Makes LOADS}
And the rest, all featuring mint, because we have LOADS.
L to R – Lemon Soda Water Mojitos, Raspberry Champaign Cocktail and Orange/Mango, Pink Champaign Punch.
Now, I’m sure you are ALL dying win your own SodaStream pack {including drinks maker pack which has everything you need to get started and FOUR syrups}. Yes? Well for your chance to win a SodaStream pack pop over to the SodaStream website and tell me which flavour syrup would feature highly in YOUR Summer cocktail party and why.
The nitty gritty:
  • The competition will close THIS Friday the 2nd of December at 8pm. 
  • Winner will be notified via email. so if you don’t have one, you can’t win. Jut sayin’. 
  • Being a follower of this blog is appreciated but not essential to win. 
  • One entry per person.

This give away was made possible by SodaStream. They provided me with a full SodaStream pack, plus two bottles and LOADS of syrups. They are also supplying the prize and postage to the winner. No other payment was received.  

  • Talia

    Woo Hoo! I think this would be rad to get just in time for Christmas!! Pick me, pick me!!

  • Talia

    Oh yeah, should probs include my favourite flavour. :-/I am pretty darn keen to try the ginger beer. If it's like real ginger beer, then we're onto a winner!

  • Beck

    Love it! For me it would be pink grapefruit. I find it so fresh. And yummy! Fingers crossed

  • StrippedBareAU

    Yumm huge fan of soda stream here too. Fave flavour. Pink grapefruit fruity Fresh and not sickly sweet. Soda stream FTW

  • Amy@MyLifeasaCake

    I can't help it, I'm a Cola girl. My husband has been lusting after one of these, I'd love to tell him that I've got one for us for Christmas! One thing I did hear though, that I'd love your input on, is switching over the gas cylinders. Apparently they are couriered to Melbourne to be refilled? How environmentally friendly is that? Surely there is a better way?

  • Parental Parody

    I would kill for one of these! I've been in hefty negotiations with #1Nana to hand over 1 bottle of her Vodka stash. Could totally swing it if I was providing low-cal mixers.Not to mention the guilt-free cocktails I would be knocking back. Actually…perhaps I wouldn't have enough to share, heh.Here's what I'm thinking…Cranberry Raspberry for the Cosmo's – because I've always wondered when I was going to get the chance to use the triangular shaped cocktail glasses. Can totally see myself sipping one of these bad boys while the kids tear each other apart in the back yard.Mango for the Daquiri's. Love me a daquiri. End of story. No further justification required.Tonic is an obvious one. Got Gin?Pink Grapefruit is one I've been coveting for a while. That and Orange & Pineapple would both make awesome and quick cocktail mixers.And, finally, Cola for the recovery the next morning.Seriously…I need this. I'm spending 2 weeks in a confined space (one small house) with my extended family. Sharing…wait for it….one single bathroom, and one television. If I have to go down like this, I deserve to do it happily cocktailed up.

  • Danimezza

    Grapefruit and Pomegranate would be so awesome with vodka, smashed raspberries and crushed ice… the smell would be heavenly and it sounds just a little bit posh!

  • thegirlwithabow

    Cola Vanilla is my pick, because I'm a HUGE fan of Vanilla Coke and being able to make it all the time? Fabulous! Perfect to drink while lounging around the pool 🙂

  • Rockn

    Would have to say the Lemon, the kids can have some as a refreshing summer's drink, and when they have gone off to bed…Mummy and Daddy can add some 'adult' juice to the mix and relax!

  • Hespera’s Garden

    I would love the lime flavour! Just think – mixing it with some red wine, some syrup, some oranges, a light buzz with the soda stream and whooop. Sangria! yum yum yum!

  • Surely Sarah

    Definately cola – for mixing with scotch, Jack Daniels and Bundy. As you can tell, we're not exactly cocktail-type people! :)I would love to win this pack for my fiancee… his soft drink addiction is driving me insane and us broke!

  • Mrs BC

    Cudos to you for having your marketing persistance pay off! It is a tough call to choose a favourite in this house. If it was just me, it would be Diet Cola all the way (as is right & proper), well ok, with Pink Grapefruit for vodka; but then the boys would be doing the sugar free Summer Lemon, Hubs would be Ginger Beering, & Teenage Duaghter would be guzzling Peach Iced Tea. As I do the shopping in this house, I'm going with Diet Cola. Thankyouverymuch.xx

  • Toni

    omg — how to choose just ONE???? you know what, I'm a mojito girl through and through so I'd go the lemon, but oh ginger beer looks sooooo good….

  • Lauren

    Oh man I am completley jealous!!I've got all my fingers crossed you pick me- love love LOVE Soda Stream…My nana had one when I was little and it was such an awesome treat to visit and make our own cola!I think I want to give the lemon ice tea ago…mix it with Gin…or perhaps Bacardi…hmmm, so much fun to be had!!xx

  • Now, if this was me, the Cream Soda flavored Syrup would be high on my list! I would whip myself up some Vanilla Bean Icecream, because, you know, I love to make me some tasty sweets during the summer!And mix the Cream Soda with some Strawberry Liquor!Have a Stawberry Cream Liquor Soda Float!This would be so good for Christmas. I will be hiding at home all day with James because of my work scheduale, so I would love to have some icy cool refreshments?Wheee~!

  • we've been eyeing off one of these for awhile but we've just committed to cutting back all spending [including no pressies for christmas boohoo!] for 6 months :-(i remember wanting a soda stream when i was a kid and my parents NEVER agreeing to get one, they didn't sway once grrrr!i'd go the orange & pineapple to make my own twist on the Flirtini!~x~

  • River

    Please don't enter me as I have no need of a soda stream. My main drink of choice is water.I remember them from years ago though. We didn't have one, but a school friend of mine had one at their house. They weren't allowed to make their own drinks though because they'd use too much flavouring.

  • Mrs S

    I'd have to choose Mexican Lime that way I can make an endless supply of virgin margaritas over summer {currently baking baby #2}

  • Melinda

    To win a Soda StreamWould be many a DreamSummer Lemon would do meMixed with Ice and VodkaI would up on my kneeOr think I was a star of Glee!

  • My Vintage Vow

    I have been talking about getting a Soda Stream for hubby for he longest time, it would be so awesome to win nd surprise him.Flavour wise it's so hard to choose……..probably Mexican Lime.

  • princessnutnut

    Raspberry syrup is my favourite choice, mixing perfectly with vodka and many other spirits to keep everyone happy.

  • twcourt

    Sugar Free Summer Lemon sounds delish and will be number one on our list this summer. When the kids are in bed it'll be Lemon Mojito's all round.

  • we didn't have a soda stream as kids, we had a merri mix! I think the mexican lime has to be top of my list, perfect for hot summer days in our citrus-loving household!

  • Ginger Ale. LOVE THE STUFF, in Pimms particularly!We had a Soda Stream in the late 1970's. I thought we were just it and a bit. We had ARRIVED!My Dad used to make us a Soda Stream Fizzy every Friday night and we could stay up late with it, with a bag of chips.Jeez, I know how to live!xx