These babies have been around for a little while and if you haven’t got on board by now, it’s time. Short or tall, these will work. Try one on. Go on, I dare you. Haha. The next post in the Suger’s Summer series covers the maxi dress! I mean, come on, how could it not. So when I was pulling together the looks for this little showcase of what I am wearing this Summer, I had to include my maxi dresses. I have at least three more that haven’t been shown. Yup, I’m a little obsessed.


So, you might say that I was spoiled for choice when it came to maxi’s. Of those that I have I choose two to represent the trend as I’ll be wearing it this year. Turns out they are both from Autograph {there is also a maxi dress in the nautical post from Virtu}. Maxi dresses make up most of my day to day casual summer wardrobe.
The first is from the California Dreaming range at Autograph. I saw this one {and a few of it’s friends – like the cut out dress seen earlier} in store and had to have it. The fabric is divine. Stretchy and soft but flattering. I’ve paired it with my light flip cardi from Autograph {about 3 seasons ago}, cream wedges from Target and the cuff from Virtu that I scored at the Girls Night In Curvy Clothes Swap. Messy, windswept up-style is a must. That’s all you need, right!? You could also wear this with flip flops as an everyday dress or a blazer and dangly necklace for dinner. I wear mine everywhere.




The other is the pattern safari look maxi. Comfortable and made from a lightweight fabric. As soon as I got my hands on this dress I wanted to wear it. So, you know, I did. As always I paired it with some flip flops, my orange cardie from Mix Apparel and the beaded cuff type bracelet again. This dress is a wonderful length and has plenty of breezy, blousey room. It is one of the coolest {temperature and otherwise} dress in my wardrobe. The pictures are pretty dark {even darker than the last ones}, but I’ll feature it again. No doubt.




Tips for wearing a maxi;
  • Choose a style top that suits you, the rest will sort itself out
  • Wear wedges if you’re afraid of appearing short, or simply avoid horizontal blocks of colour or patterns.
  • To dress up a maxi add a blazer and some jewellery ah la Nikki from Styling You in this very cute post where I get a mention.
  • A maxi REALLY is perfect for almost every occasion.
  • Wear a maxi skirt if you want to work up to the whole dress thing.

Some other styles of Maxi to keepyour eye out for;

  • Melinda

    I love maxi dresses!
    They look so pretty and require not much effort.

    Lovely post 🙂


    • Thanks Melinda. Couldn’t agree more. With a high bun or messy pony tail, they border on glamorous. 😀

  • Lady Fabulous

    LOVE maxi dresses! I’m a complete shortybum, only 154cm tall, but man I can rock a maxi. Awesome for when you can’t be bothered working to look fab – maxi dress, messy bun with a flower or wrapband, and sparkly thongs. Boho chic!

    • I am absolutely CERTAIN that you rock your maxi. Especially with the amazing hair accessories you own. 😉

  • stinkb0mb

    you look FABULOUS in these pics Miss Suger!!

    i have tried various different styles and no matter how hard i try, me and maxis just do not go together, i cannot rock a maxi dress – there i said it. they just make me look like i’m wearing a tent! LOL

    maybe i’ll give it one more try this summer….

    • Thank you lovely.

      Too bad about the maxi. Perhaps you need one like the tye die one, less drape, more streamline. Can you tell, I’m not giving up on this so easy! Haha.

  • Love these looks! Perfect for this time of year … effortlessly chic.

  • After worrying for so long that maxi dresses would only make me look shorter ( and at 152cm, i cant really afford to look much shorter )…. i am such a convert! I love me a maxi dress or skirt. I have 4 maxi dresses thus far that i really love, and 3 skirts – i got a leopard print maxi skirt on my honeymoon and i have to say i think i might be in love….

    • My sister was the same. Now she wears them all the time and it’s actually very elongating (in a solid colour or something like that).

  • I love your maxis, M!

    I just need summer to roll on over here in Sydney. At the rate we’re going, I’ll be in trackies and hoodies for Christmas 🙁

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks!

      Come on Summer, get on over to SSG Manor so the lady can slip into her summer maxi’s. Ok, thanks.