Start early. Especially if, like me, you live almost 3 hours away. And while you’re leaving early, steal your Hubby’s ute and don’t forget your wallet. You know, like I did.   
Break for lunch. Because come ooooon meatballs! Seafood sandwiches. Refillable soft drinks! What’s not to love? Watch out sugar free friends for the chocolate and cider. They are jam-freakin-packed with sugar. 
Take little people to assist but make sure they are stayers. Like my nieces {and even they wavered at the end! Haha}. While they may insist on riding the trolley the entire day, they WILL come in handy pushing them at some point. 
Have a list of items and get those sorted early. Find an assistant. Get them to do the printed out list thing. Jam that in your pocket with a pencil and get jotting down everything ELSE you want along the way. Because once the stuff you came for is accounted for then it’s a free for all.  
Striped blankets are essential. No matter what Hubby says about stripes over running everything in the entire house and you being slightly mad. Oh wait. Maybe that is just MY house. Disregard as required.  
Checking out is easier if you find a lovely assistant type person willing to help you out. Two is even better. And while we are talking about even better, use the loading bay. Pushing three overladen trolleys of stuff through a car park, across roads and down ramps is dangerous. 

  • Cherie @ ‘a baby called Max’

    Ikea. It gets me every.damn.time!I go for a photo frame, I come out with wicker chairs, a circus tent for my son, woke, glasses, cutlery, rugs, pillows etc. etc.Dear god I love that place 🙂

  • AlyceB

    Holy moley, those are some heavy-laden trolleys!!

  • Mrs BC

    Great post, I'm sure there is an ebook in that! ;)Also – have you heard that rumour that Ikea will open a store at Northlakes? I did, & then when I got all CSI like on the rumour, it turned out to be NOT a rumour at all!!! Squeeeeeee!!xx

  • Karen

    I absolutely love that place. We always come out with more than we went there for but it's just all so pretty… Hehe.Good organizational system though.

  • My Reality

    Good tips! I once took my little hatch back, of course that was the time where I found the most things to buy! I wish I could strip my house bare and re-do everything Ikea style!

  • Sarah

    Much to my disgust I have only been twice. To rectify this obvious oversight I am planning a trip very soon. Your recommendations have been duly noted:)

  • River

    Just don't do as I did. I don't drive….Pushing a trolley around Ikea is fun, carrying the stuff to a bus and then getting it home, is not so much fun. I need to go again, but I currently don't have anyone available to drive me and I want a couple of things that just won't fit on the bus. They will deliver, but at $65, I'm humming and ha-ing a bit.

  • I love me some Ikea. Mostly for the meatballs. But I take them home. Best eaten when you can't be assed cooking.

  • Amy

    Oh my gosh, you found assistants? They are like the holy grail of Ikea shopping!

  • This had me in stitches of laughter remembering that day!!! I will NEVER forget to use the loading bay….that was just downright dangerous….. Another must is to make sure the trolley is securely parked when finished….or take a quick thinking assistant to rescue the trolley before it rolls into the car….hahahaha

  • Veronica

    i love ikea and so does my son. we are both like big old happy pigs in a pen! we just wished ours also wasn't a 3 hr drive away. it makes me a little mad – just like the woman who cut me off in traffic this morning. people so need to adjust there attitude on the road!! ok…i have gone off track. have a lovely day!

  • Surely Sarah

    I have read two posts in two days about Ikea now – that settles it, I need to take a trip! Plus I was cruising their website yesterday looking at kitchen utensils… so cheap! Now, who to rope in as my helper…?

  • I love Ikea! Mine is almost 3 hours away as well. Unfortunately I have not been able to convince my husband to go.