Use the freshest ingredients you have. If you can grow it, even better. If you can’t stop trying. That’ll never change.
Clean the kitchen as you go. Wipe down, throw scraps in a bag, stack dishes and bowls nicely. Or you will push ME OVER THE EDGE. Really.
Gas stoves heat faster, are more consistent and produce a better result. But electric stoves never take off your eyebrows. I’m just sayin’.
Read the recipe before you start. All the way through. At least once. Twice or three times is better.
Find your specialty dish and stick with it. My Mum has clung to savory mince as her signature dish forever. She doesn’t cook much else. but she nails that savory mince.
Don’t fall for the ‘if I make a big mess they’ll never make me cook again’ bit {a Hubby favourite}. Make them clean up too and see how tidy they can be!

  • River

    I love gas stoves. Now that I have an electric one I'm not enjoying it so much. But it can't be changed, the whole housing complex is electric only. I'll just have to get used to it. Gas = instant heatElectric = turn it on before you prepare stuff.Also the electric takes way too long to cool down, especially the hotplates.

  • Surely Sarah

    Some good advice here. Especially the 'read the recipe' part. I hate getting halfway through and not knowing what the hell some fancy cooking expression means!

  • Lauren

    Completely awesome! I think I should print this out and pop it on the fridge for my housemate to think about. Although I would add *don't me stupid questions whilst you're cooking, you know how to chop an onion and no matter how many times you ask I AM NOT going to come do it for you*lol!xx

  • I made a song up (OK, THATS A LIE! I have made many songs up. My favourite one is "No concept of personal space" mainly about Japanese people). Ok, where was I? I made up a song called "Cleaning as we go" and it is awesome and I tried to make my husband memorise it when he is cooking, but he's not good at that and just makes a massive mess.I need to re-evaluate my teachings.

  • I totally agree about the cleaning as you go. How hard can it be, right? x

  • Sheri Bomb

    Another rule I like to have in place when I cook is the 'measure everything out first' rule. Have everything you need already measured and sitting there waiting to be used…it makes for a far less paniced cooking experience, especially for recipes that require things to be added in quick succession.I hate to admit it, but I'm a messy cook. I actually think that can be half the fun! That being said, I also clean up after myself so there 😛

  • Mel

    Agree with all of this list! I'm definitely a 'clean as I go' person – makes it so much easier to see where I'm up to and doesn't leave a big mess at the end. We bought a house earlier this year that has an electric stove and I can't wait to replace it for gas! I've had to drag out the old electric frypan to get anything substantial done – electric is so restrictive in regards to larger pots and fry pan cooking. I have the most amazing 35cm grill pan that I just can't use at the moment because it won't get hot enough (and its waayy too cold outside still to use the side burner on the BBQ).

  • Monica {bohemian twilight}

    chuckle, yes.i'm a clean up as you go girl.i'm terrible at reading recipes, but that's my cooking style – crazy. it somehow works… less so for baking. 🙂

  • Sharnee, perhaps you need to teach Sheri the clean as you go song!? Haha. Because let's face it, NO ONE wants to clean up the mess AFTER the meal.Glad you all enjoyed the post! Now to think of what's next… Rules for what??