Business cards and media packs are great but if you can’t back them up with good blog, there is no point. In fact too soon and there is no point either.

Blog about what you know, how you know to do it and when it suits you to do so. Anything else is someone else’s blog. Leave that to them.

Make your blog easy to read. I like simple, easy on the eye stuff. Too complex in content or design and internet users just won’t bother. Harsh but true.

If blogging isn’t fun or at least entertaining. And it isn’t your job, why are you doing it!? Stop now. Go and read a book or something. Why do ANYTHING you don’t enjoy.

Nobody in real life will REALLY ever get what the hell a blog is. Unless they have one. Not really. But they will nod and smile and shoot you envious glances when you receive stuff in the mail.

The post you didn’t want to publish will always be the most popular. The raw and honest ones especially. Don’t be afraid to tell us how it REALLY is for you. 

Be grateful. If it is one follower or 1,000 be grateful that people take the time to visit, read and often share in your life. I imagine, sometimes, how exciting it will be to tell this community that I am pregnant, you know, when that time comes. I imagine the celebration and excitement shared. And even the thought of that, the idea, makes me love this community even more. So be grateful, the readers of your blog will become like an extended, extended family. Promise.

  • Natalie

    AMEN! honest, straight to the point and useful advice there. Your right about blogger community becoming your extended family they're there for the good and the bad

  • Madmother

    Me likee.

  • ♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥

    I have to say you're right about the post I didn't want to post. I received so much support and caring from that post that it shocked me (and the one person that actually knew me was actually not as kind as the rest, but meh). I couldn't believe how all these people who didn't know me responded to a post I was afraid I would be judged horribly for. Another popular one is a vlog that will forever embarrass me- simply because I'm not the type to get in front of people. I love your advice. I'm not to the point of receiving things in the mail, or even getting anything for my blogging in the way of money etc. but that's not what I'm in it for anyway…would be a nice perk though. Tis true, though, what you say. Very good advice. ~Ashley~

  • River

    Extended family-yes. My family used to be my kids and a brother who dropped in every year or two depending on how his work was going, and a sister that I almost never hear from. Now I have those six, plus a couple of dozen internet friends that I really like and have something in common with. And when I was feeling stressed a while ago, all of you were so incredibly supportive and helped me through it.

  • Erin @ Eat Play Bond

    Goodness yes I agree if you are not enjoying it, and you are not relying on it for income, just STOP! Lots of useful advice for bloggers, thanks!

  • Sarah

    Love this:) Also how your card says chief blogger.It's so true about it not trying to be somebody else's blog. That would just be exhausting. It's so much easier just to be me. Whoever that is!

  • Jen R

    Great advice, really good for us beginners!!

  • Ling

    so true!

  • jody

    wow. an awesome post. oh so true. x

  • Good Golly Miss Holly!

    YES!Think I said this on your vagina post too but god, you hit the nail on the head girlfriend x

  • AMEN + 1SSG xxx

  • nicely said sister! Txx

  • Great rules! And yes, we'll go absaflippinspastic when you make *that* announcement, cos we luv ya :-)xxxCate

  • Love your rules!!! Great advice for anyone just starting out or at a bloggy crisis! Especially love the one about being grateful for any amount of readers or comments! I was so excited when I got my first blog follower I rang my hubby at work! OMG and the day it hit 20 page views! Cue hugging and kissing!!! I don't ever want to lose that excitement or be ungrateful. I try always to remember when the week doesn't look so great by stats, or a post doesn't receive heaps of comments, that only 3 months ago I would have been chuffed for JUST ONE!

  • The one post Ive had trouble publishing was, like you said, one of my most popular and the one where I realised just how awesome and supportive this community is.I won't go back.Great post, great rules.x

  • fabulous post. i would just add that if you like someone's content but something about it makes it hard to read, (font, colors, etc.) that rather than simply stop reading, drop them a line and let them know. someone did that for me and i figured out how to fix the problem (which wasn't even showing up on my end) I am incredibly grateful to her.

  • So very true! Excellent post x

  • “The post you didn’t want to publish will always be the most popular.” … this is so true!

  • Cool advice. I didn’t want to publish my ‘visual diary’ post, but it felt necessary. Turned out to be popular. I’ve read if you hover over the publish button, then that means its good LOL.

    • Thanks Jeanie. Absolutely, unless you’re worried about hurting someone’s feelings, then maybe not.

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