New Rule.
Due to a ridiculous amount of spam lately, even with the filter in place and the occasion kinda nasty comment, I decided to set a few guidelines. It won’t affect most of you. But as part of my effort to focus the intent of this blog, I thought it necessary to post. Sooooo, if you would like to comment here please keep the following in mind;
  • Your opinions are always welcome. In fact, they are encouraged. I ask that you consider the way in which they are expressed. Aggressive tones will not be tolerated. Towards me or towards other commenters. I will review your comment if I feel it crosses the boundary, I will remove it. You will be emailed if there is an email address attached to the profile to explain why I removed the comment and you’ll be offered an opportunity to come back and make your point again.
  • Regarding links within comments, please only include links to items of interest that apply to the subject of the blog post. Otherwise it will be removed. You will also receive an email {if address is attached}. I am always REALLY excited to receive a link to a relevant and timely post or website. So please don’t be deterred if that is what you are doing. Likewise if the comment does not apply to the current post, please email me instead.
  • Mostly I want this to be a place of community. A place where discussion happens. Where you make bloggy friends you never thought you’d meet. With this is mind {and given SO many profile do not have emails attached} my plan is to reply to comments on the posts from now on. If an issue is sensitive, I will still reply by email, if possible.
Well, that was longer than I thought it would be. But there are three basic rules. Be kind, be relevant and be a team player. So, what say you? Does your blog have a comments policy, or am I just being optimistic?

  • Sheri Bomb

    I don't get enough comments to warrant a comment policy at this point in time :PThat being said, I have my settings set to require approval of comments. Easy for now because as I said, don't get that many. Also, haven't had any problems yet so I am lucky.Will just have to wait and see what happens as the blog grows I guess.I did notice my guest post got ALOT of spam comments 🙁 Sorry! Was it something I said?? haha

  • Tina ~ tina gray {dot} me

    I use WordPress and Akismet is great for catching spam comments. Pity it doesn't catch the down right rude and moronic ones I sometimes get.I don't have a comment policy in place but I do expect people to play nice.The only moderating I do is when someone comments on my blog for the first time.

  • littleloulou

    fancy new look there Miss Suger!Or am I just slow on the uptake?

  • River

    Okey-dokey, I'll play nice. My commenters all play nice too.

  • I have a WordPress blog & have Akismet set up to catch spam comments! I also have it set so I need to approve comments before they are published. Since doing this, I've found that Akismet automatically catches the bad spam comments & the other comments, I approve. Sometimes I edit posts so they aren't so "spammy". This has reduced the amount of spam I've had to deal with over the years (one blog was started in 2008!)

  • Geez who puts nasty comments on suger? Pfft to them! I love it when there is a great reason to add a link, I may have to find something fun to link to you!

  • I dont' get massive numbers of comments (oh how I wish) but this sounds more than fair. I feel similarly to you. I encourage comments. Hell, I encourage debate. I have no problem with you disagreeing with me. But there's a way to do it. And slamming me, swearing at me or my other commenters is not ok and gets your comment automatically deleted.Can I that an iPad in your photo? I ask becasue I'm trying to learn more about them. If so, let me know and I'll email you?

  • It would be a bit silly of me to have a comments policy because that would presume I actually *get* comments, haha!! But I'm commenting here for the first time so maybe comments policies get comments? Oh the irony LOL

  • Ha. I love that you all shared your comment situations. Some days you can hear the crickets around here. :PThanks also to the WordPress ladies. The blogger system is quiet good. But I get email notification of them all anyway, just in case. BORING. Melissa {Things i'd Tell You} – Yup, that's my iPad. Email away. xoAnd Laura – Welcome out of the closet!! :PLittle Lou Lou – It was new over night. The background came the day before. It's kinda bar codey. Right!?

  • i've had nasty comments in the past, spiteful hateful ones – they get deleted. i don't need people running me down, i do a good enough job of doing that myself!this is the text i have above my comment section:"leave your mark with words, jumbled thoughts, opinions, suggestions, blog love…or whatever your heart desires…but remember – if you wouldnt say it to my face – dont be brave & leave it here…"i have NO problem with people disagreeing with me, debate is always encouraged but you can express your opinion without being nasty :-)~x~

  • I reckon all that sounds fair enough. I dont get enough comments at the moment to bother with having a policy in place – although, if i did, i think it would be something similar to yours…

  • Kakka

    Sounds like a good comments policy to me. It is not often I get spam anymore since blogger upgraded and I always reserve the right to remove something that is offensive.I am still kicking myself that I never found you at Blogopolis – I saw you in the distance and then no more – bugger.

  • Rach – I've always liked your comment policy. I had it in mind writing mine. River – My regulars always do too. Amy – Haha. Your day will come too!! 😛

  • I don't get enough comments as of yet to implement a policy. However I think it would be similar to yours…nothing negative or nasty or it would be removed, although as much as I'd like to say I'd email to let the commenter know why I probably wouldn't. Mostly because I don't know how!! I always try to be courteous on peoples blogs even if I disagree and I just expect the same in return.

  • Rhonda – You and I are very similar. I think. I offered to email because just this week I had taken something to wrong way. When I responded to the comment, the person commented back explaining further. That's why that's there. And to reinforce that it's a no go. Should they ever wish to return here. Kakka – Not a lot of my spam gets through the filter, but I still get it via email. So yup. Go BLOGGER. I know, right!! I am a bit devastated about this. So little time though, really.

  • Ms Kate

    Mine doesn't, but I do wonder if it should!