PaperMate Ink Joy Pens {gifted}

 Stationary. Ahhh, my first love. When I was a child I would carry notebooks and pens around with me as a security type thing. I wrote in them. Filled them day after day with thoughts and poems and happenings and more. Those notebooks were my best friends when nobody seemed trustworthy in primary school, they became an escape in high school and a place to exercise my mind from the conformity of the structural writing of university. It’s a love that has lasted my whole life. A friend once laughed and said blogger’s don’t use notebooks, they use devices. But not me. I love notebooks and pens. And coloured, easy to write with, gorgeous pens are even better. I’m a happy kid thanks to a shoe box full of PaperMate Ink Joy pens. And at under $5 a pack, do yourself a favour. Get some. Because I’m not sharing mine. Ha.

Avella for BigW Shorts

I purchased these shorts and I love, love them. But there is ONE THING that annoys me about them. One thing that made me want to make sure I reviewed them a little so you all knew. These shorts are a size 26. Yup. A 26, which means if you are bigger than a 20/22 in all other plus size stores then don’t even bother. Doesn’t that just push your buttons? Not for the whole, omg, I’m wearing size 26 shorts thing, but for the sizing is so inconsistent thing. Grrrr. Sometimes I wonder who comes up with these things. Great shorts, nice cut, great colours. Definitely not a size 26. You’ve been warned Sugers.

Target Womens Shoes Spring 2012 Range {Giveaway}

Those that have been flowing the blog would have seen these awesome wedges before in the Aussie Curves Blue post and the post shown above. And the gorgeous mint green flats that I adore shown in the Tunic Fail post. I was given a voucher to go and buy myself some shoes to try out the range. I’ve been really impressed with the selection available. The colours and the new season styles are pretty darn cool. Overall they are an affordable and easy to wear, on trend shoe. You heard it here first, ladies and gents. Check out the giveaway below for YOUR chance to win a $50 gift voucher from Target.

Nice’n Easy and Wella Pro Series Summer Style {Giveaway}

A while ago my Mother trialled some of the nice’n easy range. Even though I chose the wrong colour for her hair, the outcome was that the colour was gentle on her hair, gave a strong copper colour {part of the problem, haha} and gave some beautiful layers to her colour. When nice’n easy contacted me to ask if you guys might like to win some packs to give your hair a refresh before summer, I said I thought you would! The prize packs will also include a shampoo and conditioner from the Wella Pro Series. The Wella Pro Series range was developed to protect coloured hair. Awesome. Since you will HAVE coloured hair. Haha. And the best news is, there are three of them. Yay multi-draw!

And now, the giveaway..!!

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  • Tabitha

    After perusing each and every shoes from all 11 pages of Target’s range, I was completely taken by the Marika Wedge in Pink + Orange. She is a real beauty! A fabulous wedge heel for comfort AND ah-mazing colour blocking. I think I died and went to shoe heaven! x

  • Assuming I haven’t already bought them by the time you draw – the Marika Wedge in Teal & Blue as those are the ones your outfits make me feel I have to own, and wear. As a side note, I love stationery too.
    PS – the Big W sizing makes me cranky too. Whatever I will wear a size 26 as I am used to having a million different sizes in my cupboard, but what makes me sad is that at an 18-20 now after losing 36.2kg in 2012 is that I would have to get the biggest size. And if they didn’t go over my hips or something, I couldn’t fit into them at all. Which means the old me couldn’t have worn shorts and I love shorts. End Rant.

  • I just don’t have enough opportunities to wear heels or wedges anymore while I’m chasing my 14 month old around so I think I’m going to start with something different this time around.

    I’d love to try the Nikita Sandal in Green ( Mostly because I don’t think I’ve EVER worn a sandal and the fact that my husband DESPISES strappy shoes so I would love to take us both out of our comfort zones this summer. 🙂

  • Cherie

    Oh WOW we were droooling in Target today at the Oooodles of shoes available. For sure settle on a flatties for sure. So many to choose from, can I just send you the phots when I won ;~) No way can I decided before trying them on . So many gorgeous choices make this so darn exciting … everything crossed, even my toes 😉

  • sheribombblog

    I don’t know why, but I’ve always been quite hard on my shoes. Even the high quality ones seem to fall apart. Perhaps its becase when I find something I love, I kind of wear it to death haha Affordable shoes are great for that reason, it’s not as heartbreaking when they finally do fall apart as it would be if they were, say Jeffery Campbells or Jimmy Choos. It also means that you buy MORE! Muahahahaha!

  • sheribombblog

    Oh and as far as the hair colour goes, it’s interesting timing as I am actually about to go a rather different colour myself AGAIN in about 2 weeks! haha Looking at the nice ‘n easy range I’m not sure their colours are quite vibrant or interesting enough for me but the wella products would definitely help my coloured hair. Maybe I could attack my mum or my sister with the nice ‘n easy haha

  • I’m a ballet flats kinda gal (I love the look of heels, but we just don’t seem to hit it off that well… besides, I’m usually running about here and there), so I love the ‘Rena Ballet Flat Shoes – Peach’. The colours would go with all my new spring purchases!

  • Dean

    I don’t love fashion shoes but i do like affordable..I guess its the Financial Planner in me
    However Jess loves shoes in general…!!! And don’t even get me started about Arleigh Jade

  • Amy

    Ohhh, I love Nice & Easy! I’ve been home coloring for a few months now, using ‘Baby Blonde’- it’s the first non-salon color I’ve been happy with in years, and has saved me hundreds.

  • Awesome xx

  • Affordable fashion shoes AFFORD me the little luxuries in life I otherwise couldn’t AFFORD! 🙂

  • i love affordable shoes as it means our family of 5 can have awesome shoes that we can afford

  • I’d love to try the ‘black’ nice n easy, to cover some of these grey hairs

  • Pammy

    Affordable shoes are the best because I can buy 5 pairs for the same price as one pair at a boutique!

  • Pammy

    Medium Golden Blonde would be the colour for me, just the right shade for Spring!

  • Dianne Childs

    I love shoes but it’s horrible when they hurt your feet. Target have the best comfy shoes at a fantastic price. Can’t beat that!

  • Dianne Childs

    99 Natural Palest Blonde is the colour I’d love to try please!

  • kerry santillo

    Medium golden blonde, wow nice to win one instead always buying it hahahah thanks for a chance ♥♥

  • kerry santillo

    Target great quality for all things especially their flats, they seem to last a lifetime 🙂

  • Comfort, style and affordable, theres nothing better!

  • Sonia ElSheikh

    I would love to win $50 Target voucher because theyy have a huge range of spring/summer shoes and i would love to stock up on them 🙂

  • Karlene

    Then I can buy more pairs

  • Karlene

    I use a mid brown colour in an alternate home-colour brand but am always happy to convert!

  • Who doesn’t love affordable fashion shoes?! If you secretly or not so secretly covet them and they can never be yours, well, then, you just start thinking about hitting the store assistant over the head with the lovely pointy end of that stunning stilletto heel… Only joking!!!

  • I’d love to try ‘111, Natural Medium Auburn’, to blend with my mousy, moussy brown hair!

  • Rebecca Bird

    I’ve been eyeing off all the new shoes at Target, I would love to get some! I love that they’re so affordable, with 3 kids there’s never much money in the shoe budget!

  • Rebecca Bird

    I would love to try Natural Dark Caramel Brown 🙂

  • kelly walter

    I would love to try possibly the Medium Spice Natural Reddish Brown Shade, Especially when summer is around the corner i have lost weight and would like to have a new hair colour to start of the summer.

  • Olivia G

    I love affordable fashion shoes because they look fabulous, make me feel fabulous, and usually aren’t uncomfortable as well!

  • Olivia G

    I’d love to try Medium Spice Natural Reddish Brown Shade… I love red hair. 🙂

  • Barbara

    I love affordable shoes because it means I can buy more than 1 pair 😉

  • Irena

    Natural Medium Brown

  • Jasmine

    I love affordable shoes so I can always buy another pair if I like them 😉

  • Karla Carey

    would love to try Natural Dark Caramel Brown

  • pennyg4

    Just bought a fab pair of leather shoes from Target..didn’t know they had such good shoes for great prices!

  • Irena

    Because they are affordable and look great 🙂

  • carol.J.

    I would like to try the Golden Blonde,I love Target shoes because they look great on.

  • Elizabeth

    Fashion is forever changing, so I love being able to buy affordable shoes that meet today’s trends; that way I’m always able to afford to be fashionable.

  • I love shoes whether they’re affordable or not,
    they’re the best, the more affordable though the more I can afford.

  • I’d love to try Nice N Easy’s 116A, Natural Light Golden Brown.