This month there are gift packs, household items and one item that will help out for those looking for a fast and simple way to send a personalised gift. Holy cow did I have a good time this month. Soooo many cool things, so much to squish in. Love that! Hair products I love and a chance for you guys to win a vitamin pack from Nordic Naturals.

Burt’s Bees Christmas Gift Packs {gifted}

I was sent the Treats for your Sweet gift box for review {as pictured above}. It was my first taste of the Burt’s Bees range so when contacted I said that they should choose a pack for me and I’ll see how I go. I’d read blog reviews before, seen the products around but I’d never come across them in my shopping travels so no good excuse to buy them. Darn it. Double darn it after I got the Treats for your Sweet gift box and was super impressed.

I wasn’t the only one. I broke down the pack, the postie helped {gosh I miss my old postie}, and put the items in our bathroom awaiting a chance to put them to use. It turns out, Hubby was going to be the biggest fan. This hand cream has absolutely saved Hubby’s hands since it arrived. He works with timber a lot and his hands often get left cracked and sore from the exposure. So it turns out, the treats for your sweet thing could be a macho male friendly gift too, just warn him, I think the lip balm is tinted. Unless rosy pink lips are his thing, then go for it.

While my choice out of the pack is the cuticle cream. It’s a lightly scented delicious, none oily jar of wonderful. It just makes your cuticles so manageable and you guys know ho much I adore doing my nails… Well, the on and off with the polish thing is hard on my nail beds, this sorts that right out. Heck don’t even worry about buying this pack for someone else, get it for yourself. At $19.95 it’s a bargain. Wow! Longest review ever but I really wanted to say that we both loved it and it was such a great gift idea. You got that, right? Good. Moving on.

Two Bond {gifted}

This email caught me off guard one night, I wasn’t really thinking when I replied yes please, send through the code. I’d recently made a decision to streamline the reviews a bit and even if it WAS almost Christmas, I didn’t necessarily want to continue to show home type things. I didn’t make any promises, I accepted the code and went through the Two Bond process of choosing a frame, uploading and image and placing an order. It seemed easy enough and the prices were reasonable if they delivered on what they promised…

Which they absolutely one hundred percent DID. It arrived, beautifully wrapped within two days. Which in my area is virtually unheard of. The wrapping was simple and beautiful and the printed image clear. I cannot WAIT to give this to my nephew this Christmas, it’s a promo image of him at Dreamworld, an adventure he LOVED. The short version is that it’s a smart idea and an even better execution. Highly recommended. Seriously.

Superstar Popcorn Maker {gifted}

So I have this secret. A not so very secret secret if you’ve ever been to the movies with me. Or visited my house during the weekend. or generally asked me about stuff I like. My secret is I LOVE popcorn. butter salt being my favourite of favouritest flavours. Movie popcorn. Oh yum. However! Life is not a free for all where you can have popcorn for every meal of the day.

Sad. I know.

Sometimes you have to compromise and opt for a healthier version. Like, air popped for instance. A little less butter and a lot less salt. With this little beauty you pour some popcorn into the little scoop thingy {in the bowl}, microwave it and eat it straight out of the bowl. It’s everything I love about popcorn without the salty fatness. If you visit the website above there’s a video with a dude in a apron microwave popping popcorn. It’s a bit of a laugh to be honest. ‘Seal the popping action inside’ is my favourtie quote.

Pantene Intense Damage Repair Oil {gifted}

Now Pantene was my Mum’s brand, HER shampoo and conditioner brand since I can remember. The smell of some of the products reminds me of her. Full stop. Simple. Pantene sent me a sample of their whole nourished Shine range {sorry the photos are a tad blurry/high shine}. The shampoo and conditioner absolutely helped with the whole my husband has giant hair situation we were suffering through at the time. Big hair requires LOTS of shampoo. Trust Suger.

And this stuff, well it’s MY thing. The repair oil and the all day smooth has done wonders for my bleached ends. Though technically I don’t think it’s bleach. I think it’s lightener, which apparently is different. So that. The short version is my hair needs a trim, quite badly, and the ends were frizzy. you could spot my bad ends a mile off. Awkward. Ha. But after applying it I could see a noticeable difference. I’m not sure what exactly it does but the look and feel of the ends were SO much better. Soooo much.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega {gifted}

Vitamins is something we take a fair few of around here. Especially after the worst season of getting sick I’ve EVER had. Hubby and I take a multi-vitamin and a few other supplements everyday. Omega-3 is something I take a lot. Along with garlic, iron and magnesium. I like to give my body a fighting chance considering how nutrient low our food can be. Remind me to hurry up and plant that vegetable garden, would you? Anyway, when Nordic Naturals approach me about a review, I figured at worst, I would have a bottle of tablets that I didn’t like.

The label says great lemon taste, right? Well they are right! I like it. Often especially after garlic or other tablets like that you end up with a funky after taste. Some Omega-3 supplements are THE WORST. Hello fishy but not quiet after taste. This were way better than that. just don’t accidentally chew them. That doesn’t go so well. It never does. These were a welcome addition to our regime, we are now considering the brand for a switch when our current supplies run low. No really, we are in all seriousness. So then I emailed them and said well heck yes I would like to give a pack away. And here we are! Find out how to enter below.

Nordic Naturals Busy Mums and Healthy Kids Pack


  • Nordic Naturals Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil
    {237ml – lemon flavoured – Made from 100% wild Arctic Cod, Nordic Naturals Gold Standard Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil provides the essential benefits of omega-3 fats as well as natural vitamin D3 to help support the body’s immune function and natural anti-inflammatory response.}
  • Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA
    {90 chewable soft gels – strawberry flavoured – Made from Arctic cod liver oil, Children’s DHA supports the proper development of the brain, eyes and nervous and immune systems for children over the age of 3.}
  • Small Nordic Naturals canvas bag
  • Nordic Naturals organic lip balm
  • Nordic Naturals pen

Valued at $66.70

To win a gift pack from Nordic Naturals leave a comment below why an immunity boost of the festive system is something YOU need… Maybe you have a mad family, too much on or something coming up that will take everything you’ve got. Spills the beans and the best answer will win. Entries close November 20th at 6pm AEST. Sorry Australian residents only.

  • Laura D

    The kids and I could do with a Nordic Naturals boost because my current mantra is ‘No Excuses’. I’m a new follower to your blog and have been wanting to tell you this week how you’ve inspired me. I’m a size 22 SAHM to my DS7, DD5 and DD4. I have felt ashamed and embarrassed of my weight and was shocked when I stumbled across your blog and saw the Aussie Curves posts.. your body-confidence was inspiring. Then came your posts on hitting the gym, and the workout clothes review, followed by the Confident You challenge. It has all been such an awakening for me. I’m really proud to say that on Monday I went to a wonderfully friendly and welcoming Groupfit gym and did my first proper workout in over 12years! And I went back on Tuesday and Wednesday, and today I went for a 5km walk. I am so enthusiastic about it and your daily Confident You posts are encouraging me along. I will not make excuses – I have the time, I can afford the $10/wk, childcare is provided, it is in my street! No, There is not another baby in Mummy’s tummy, Mummy is fat and Mummy needs to stop making excuses and look after herself better. I am taking ownership of me and aiming to be my best. So I really want to say Thank You Suger!
    What does that have to do with Nordic Naturals? Firstly, after day 4 of my new exercise commitment my knees are crying out “bring on the anti-inflammatories!” Secondly, the need for an immune-boost can be summed up in a 4 letter word – kids. 3 kids. I love them to bits, but let’s face it, they are walking germ factories. Finally, my kidlets are prime candidates for the Children’s DHA as DS’s teacher has recommended an eye test to see if that is the cause of his reluctance to read/write, DD5 has an appointment with the auditory specialist and speech language therapist to test her receptive language skills, and after the performance Miss 4 gave in the GP’s office yesterday (including constantly playing with the curtain & poking her tongue out in the doctors face 3 times!) I am seriously concerned she has behavioural issues. Far out, it sounds like we are a sad & sorry bunch. But we are not. It’s all good. It’s all positive in aiming to be our best selves. No excuses, no hiding, no shame (except in the GP’s office! LOL) I’m sure Nordic Naturals could give us a boost.

    • SUCH a great comment. Thank you for your kind words, congratulations on the gym and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you took the time to let me know this. Thank you. And good luck!

  • Mel W

    I cannot live without BB Cuticle Balm, I have been known to wear it as Lip Balm as well when one is not in reach, the smell is amazing! The whole range is amazing! x