This is a review post. Not a sponsored post. But for more information please read my disclosure policy. Not all products sent for review are included. Some are just not worth mentioning or didn’t really work out for us. These are the best and the brightest featuring Clairol, Benefit Cosmetics, Nivea for Men and Little Swallow. Ready for the first time EVER? Let’s go.

CLAIROL nice ‘n easy {gifted product}

My Mother has grey hair. Under her lovely Auburn or Chocolate brown colour, she would almost be entirely grey. But since her sister wears her hair all natural and they already look similar enough, for now, my mum dyes hers. A sometimes tricky and expensive business. Enter CLAIROL nice’n easy with their free sample and off she went. My cousin Bec applied it for Mum and took some photos for me. Thanks lovely! Bec found it easy to deal with and about the normal level of smelly. It covered the roots well and even managed to combine the colours. That was pretty impressive considering Mum’s last colour was almost black and they were dying over that. In the end, it was two thumbs up for the product and a minor thumbs down for me for picking a bit too light shade. They’ll use it again. You can buy Clairol nice ‘n easy online for $14.49.

Pore’Fessional – Benefit {purchased}

Dear lord on high this product rock, rocked my socks. I have a face with big pores. Kind of oily skin and big pores. So looking all haggard and exhausted after my 4.30am start for the Blogopolis weekend I stumbled into the nearest Benefit counter with some blog friends and said, make me look less horrific please! When they applied the POREfessional I pretty much told the lady to stop what she was doing and get me a box of my very own. Used as a primer I find it helps coverage, reduces the appearance of pores {as it should} and means that your make up holds longer and better. Five out of five in all categories. A little on the pricey side at $52 for the pack {includes moisturiser sample bottle}. Overseas prices are cheaper FYI.

Sensitive Anti-Perspirant – Nivea for Men {gifted}

 My Hubby is a sensative dear. He uses a special laundry powder, all natural soaps and shaving creams etc. He also gets itchy if a clothing tag comes within 5 metres of him. Don’t we all. I was offered this for trial and said, yes please, my sooky la lah Hubby will give it a go. And so he has, for almost a month now and I think we are a converted. I say we because I have an aversion to all things cheap, stinky men’s anti-perspirant. This has a manly smell to it {I wore it one day and kept looking for the nice smelling dude} but it’s not over powering at all. Hubby has had no issues using it and has had no allergic type reactions to it. Win. He’s not at all keen on the roll on though, say his arm pit hair kind of sticks to it. Am I the only one who thinks that’s all kinds of gross..!? Good. I didn’t think so.

 iPad & Camera Cover – Little Swallow {purchased at a discount}

The final product that I’ve found and loved this month is my new iPad cover and camera baggy by Zoe at Little Swallow {formally A Boys Mumma}. She made this for me after I used my last case as a jewellery bag and it never saw an iPad again. Great colours, great quality and just a bit of fun too. This keeps everything I need safe if I need to throw them in my handbag for a day or while travelling. You can get your own set for $45. You could also order a camera strap to match or a cute softie or two. Contact Zoe via her blog for more information.

  • MummyToFive

    Ooh I love the iPad cover from Zoe! I’m in need of a new camera strap for my Canon, so will definatly check out her blog! I’ve been eyeing off some gorgeous ones on Etsy!

    I love Benefit, ever since I went to Blogopolis last year and went to there counter at Myer! I see me going there again this Friday when I’m down there!

    • Zoe did an amazing job. Definitely speak to her before you pay the sometimes mad Etsy prices!

      Me toooo! Been obsessed since at stayed at Danimezza’s last year and left my toiletries bag at home. HAD TO use all her fab stuff and I was hooked. 😉

  • Amy

    I’m a fan of the Clairol hair dye. It’s done a pretty great job for me in the past 🙂

    Zoe is super talented, always love her stuff 🙂

    • I’ve used plenty of the Copper shades and have always found it really good. And Zoe, well, she’s all kinds of amazing!!

  • Kimmie

    Your mum has great taste – same brand and same colour I use ;]

  • river

    I’m going to get a little nit-picky here….how can you spell sensitive with an “a”? The spelling is right there in front of you on the Nivea bottle……
    I like the Clairol hair products, although I don’t colour my hair anymore. I used to dye it dark brown, but when the greying regrowth got too light and looked more like a skunk stripe, I gradually used a shade lighter each time ending with a light ash brown. From there I worked lighter still until eventually getting a champagne blonde which didn’t show the grey too much. Then I just let it grow and had the blonde cut off six months later. Now my hair is light brown streaked with grey.
    The Porefessional stuff sounds like a good buy, I’ll recommend it to a couple of girls at work who have large pores.

    • I know, I know. A bit of an oversight!

      You can confidently recommend it, I’m loving it. Worth every cent.

  • I totally need me some of that Pore’Fessional. I wonder, have you tried the Napoleon Peridis pore minimising cream?

    • No I haven’t but my sister has, from memory. I’ll ask her about it for you.

  • Thanks for the review, I have giant pores like air vents and haven’t found anything that helps. I’ll give it a try, hope you’re right! x

    • You’re welcome! It works for me. And I find if they’re particularly bad I just add a second lighter coat after my make-up and no problem. Try it at a counter if you can first. I think you’ll be VERY happy.

  • Mrs Woog

    Am a die hard Benefit fan from way back. Instant Brow and Boing Concealer on high rotation here. Oh and Hoopla! Bestest bronzer ever. X

    • I’ll have to check those out too. I’ve used the Watts up at Dani’s house and have just ordered a couple of ‘packs’ to try out some others. And because I love tiny cute bottles, apparently.

  • sheribombblog

    I LOVE Benefit! Anything they touch is just amazing! Their whole packaging and marketing style completely appeals to my retro-loving pin up kinda style and it is total cosmetic candy for me! They are a little on the pricey side BUT you certainly get what you pay for and their products last longer than most others I’ve tried so definitely worth it in the end. Oh if my blog could end up with some kind of partnership with them – that would be a dream come true! Until then I just continue to spoil myself 😉

    • I adore the packaging and names and ad campaigns. I think they’re brilliant. SO clever. You should get in touch with them! Clearly you are a big, big fan. I’ll cross my fingers for you.