Good morning Sugers. Welcome back to the final day of stripe week. First we had the Aussie Curves post, then the lazy days neon one. Now this is a look that can be dressed up or down. Cute wedges, simple but super good-looking dress and some wavy hair. Hey presto, wear it to the movies, wear it to lunch or dinner at the pub. You’re pretty much set. I’m putting this dress aside for a clothes swap/networking event I’ve been invited to in November. It’s too big {you can see my bra in some shots. And I DON’T mean the straps} and it needs a new home, don’t you think? This dress needs to be loved.

Can we just talk about how well these photos worked considering they are tripod and remote selfies? Well, can we? I’m going to anyway. It turns out that Hubby was super busy this week and getting the last photos for stripe week proved virtually impossible. So today, my camera, tripod and I went on a little adventure to the viewing deck at the local race course. The light wasn’t quite right, I’m pulling all sorts of funny faces, but I’m happy. It certainly shows off the dress and the great colour of these shoes to their best advantage. Don’t you think? And if you squint into the background a little you can see my gorgeous town.

I picked up these shoes from the new Target range. I used to be an avid Target shoe shopper. They’ve stocked an 11 from the beginning of time. Then they went and turned my town’s Target into a Target Country and all we ever get is the clunky and practical work shoes. Mostly. So less and less I find something there that I like. But given the opportunity {and a gift card, thanks Target} I hit the Sunshine Coast store and was happy with what I saw. Great selection, lots of colours and styles and the choice I remembered from all those years ago, was there! Heck yes. Check out my review post next month for your chance to win a Target gift voucher of your own to check out the new range. Now won’t that be cool?

Dress – City Chic

Necklace – Amanda Fuller {gifted} 

Bag – Collette

Sunglasses – BigW {$15 bucks! Score}

Nails – ORLY {gifted} 

Shoes – Target {gifted}

 {some brand associations apply, see my disclosure policy}

And that’s stripes week. Did you have fun!?

  • There you go again looking all über fabolous. The dress is awesome, this is another piece I’m going to try convince you to keep and get it taken in, in the right places by someone. It seriously looks that fabolous on you hun, truly. Those shoes are perfection by the way.

    • Haha. There YOU go again being all biased. Thank you. 🙂

      It IS a great dress. Good style and the pockets make it really easy to wear out or whatever. Love. But it’s ok, City Chic release them in new colours and all that every year. I’ll get another, smaller one. Easy.

  • Love the dress. Nice.

  • Oh my, love love love that! You look hot!!

  • Love the dress. You look super fabulous in it.
    When I first read the blog title, I thought it said ‘Stripe Dress Godess’. I think I like my title better 😉
    Love the teal! My fav colour.

    • Thank you Jeanie! Me too. It’s one of the styles that work for me from City Chic that they bring out year after year in different colours etc. LOVE.

      Your title is pretty awesome but I would’ve sounded a numpty calling MYSELF that, right? Ha.

  • sheribombblog

    Such a shame you’re getting rid of the dress, I think it looks SMOKIN on you! Also, those shoes rock!

    • Thanks Sheri. A new one will come along. I know what shape to seek out now. And yes, yes they do. Blue and green beauties.

  • love love love the shoes. if we were the same size & you had those in Melbourne – consider yourself rolled…luckily for you I have a smaller foot (dont say that too often). shots were great – even if they were kel-free.

    • They were less than $40, so shout yourself a pair. Tell however that Suger MADE you. Haha. I don’t get to say the smaller foot thing EVER. I’ve met maybe two women ever with a smaller foot than me. Not long now lady! Can’t wait.

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  • Courtenay

    I recently got the opportunity to purchase this dress second hand. I grabbed it in a heartbeat remembering how good you look in it. It arrived today and I am super excited about it.

    • Oh YAY! I’m about to take mine to a clothes swap. Still not sure if I can part with it, but we’ll see. 😉

  • jo mathews

    love the shoes!

  • Helen Pettman

    You look great! The pop of the teal colour is so lovely 🙂

    I just found your blog -love it! I subscribed!

    Take a look at mine and subscribe? I’m starting plus size and curvy fashion posts soon 🙂

    • Thank you Helen. Welcome on board, I’ll pop over and check out your blog, for sure. All the best with it!