Hubby and I have been married for over 7 years now. Together for almost nine or ten. The jury is still out on that one. We love and appreciate each other, which is remarkable. But it never occurred for me to do was to be excited that we are still married. Last week I saw a couple that I haven’t seen in a while. She worked with us when we had the cafe. And he loved hot, hot coffees. They knew how quickly we got engaged. How young we still were when we got married.

Maybe like most people we freaked them out a little.

So they asked if I was still married.

I was a bit surprised actually.

I spluttered out yes. Of course.

They weren’t offensive or anything about it. Just checking in on the goss, what was new with me and all things like that. We chatted about Hubby and that it turns out I did alright with him and that we were still going strong. I made a joke about getting out of it not really be an option for me. Which isn’t a joke at all. I intend to be married until either my Hubby or I am dead. Touch wood. That’s how I say it goes for us.

And in that conversation I reaffirmed my commitment to my husband. In a simple conversation with two people who attended our wedding, I reaffirmed that I loved him, that I chose him and that I would always make an effort to have our relationship work. Like a vow renewal only Hubby was at work. He misses all the fun stuff.

How is THAT for the most random romantic type moment ever?

  • Aww, that’s really sweet. He has a lovely smile! 🙂

  • Michelle

    Nawww, I felt the same way for 17 years and then 3 years ago we had a child and those feelings diminished for a while. Got to pick the right person to be in your marriage “team”! So happy you have!!

    • I think it helps, for sure, choosing the right person. I think I have. Without being TOO smug about it and having it come back and bite me on the ass. Haha. I hope you found your way back. I hear the new little person thing can be a test. 🙂

  • callie

    This is such a lovely post, we are only blessed with one life on this earth and I think that it is lovely that you have found someone that makes you happy. x

  • Margaret

    I hope you don’t mine me popping in. I found your blog on my daughter’s blog. What you have written in this post is so wonderful. I feel you are going to be happily married for many years. My marriage is a second time around marriage which has so far lasted just over 45 years and I am sure it will last even longer. We are now 80 and 82 and are still in love and are always here for each other. I wish you many years of happiness.

    • Of course not. You’re welcome here. Especially with such kind words to say. Come any time! Haha. I hope your vision for us comes true. And congratulations on such a roaring success of a marriage yourself Still in love and still there for each other is all kinds of wonderful. xo

  • Cherie

    Beautiful! The love oooozes out from every word of you post Suger. So happy that you’re blessed, grateful and have each other ♥♥.