Stepping up this week is all about the gym.

Going more often. Working harder.

I’m increasing the weights and generally picking up the intensity at the gym. And it feels great. You know that first moment in the morning when you extend your arms and legs and just stretch…? It’s like that. But my whole body is waking up from years and years of under use. My body is remarkably strong now. Muscles dimple beneath the surface, some of the softness is giving way to lean lines. I enjoy it, this feeling of strength. It goes a long way to reassure me that my body works.

My sister, sister-in-law and I still go at least 3 times a weeks. We are missing Flick as she treks around holidaying her butt off overseas. But our little troupe continues on, working hard, pushing each other. Each of us with our strengths and weaknesses, things we can and can’t do. I find more and more I’ll just try. I used to be embarrassed of not being able to do something. Now I think it might be more embarrassing to not try at all.

Unless it is rock climbing. With rock climbing once you try, if you can’t do it. You’re stuck.

On a wall.

Way up high. Or maybe a foot off the ground.

That’s embarrassing. Trust me. Been THERE, done THAT.

Stupid school camps, mutter mutter.

Anyway my point is that I am gaining confidence in my body, its strength and its ability to recover and to shine. Maybe, just maybe one day I’ll forgive it entirely for the grudge I still hold about our battles to have a baby. Maybe I’m trying to make it prove itself. Maybe it’s doing the same thing to me. Prove you can care. Prove you’re okay. Prove that you can be kind and patient and loving. Or maybe, everything is what it is. I am what I am. My body is what it is. And my cycle forges on waiting for no woman.

Until then, hands up who’s getting some exercise today!?

  • Go girl! You’re doing awesome! How I wish I could find the dedication to go to the gym! My membership is going to waste. Do you know whee my mojo went?!? 🙁

    • I am, right!? Haha. Go me. {so up myself. Ha}

      And back to the gym lady, don’t let good money go down the drain! oh wait. I sound like my Gran. But it’s true. Go ooooooon.

  • HumbirdsSong

    Well done love! I’m about to look into a gym membership too. I love running outdoors, but unfortunately since we moved it isn’t as safe, and I only have the chance to run when it’s dark and that just ain’t happening! Time to bring on the treadmill!

    • Thank you!

      It’s too tricky without it sometimes, for sure. When my treadmill died a few weeks out from finishing the #C25K it set me back majorly. And I’d much prefer you safely tucked up in a gym somewhere then out on the roads after dark. Eeeek.

  • Good on you! It’s great once that routine sinks in and you start to enjoy the gym rather than it being a chore. I’m still going at least 5 times a week early in the morning. And don’t you just love it when you can lift more weights or better your distance/speed on the treadmill?

    • Thanks! You too. Check us out kicking the gym’s butt! It’s such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. All kinds of wonderful.

  • Cbrain

    Finding peace with your uterus is hard…so hard. I still don’t know if I have made peace with it. I did lots of reading to help with the mental mind games. Chinese medicine books from the library (try before I buy)

    • It can be, absolutely. Then I think, I started it. So I have to finish it. 😉