No really, hand me over the ruby-red lippie and the all black ensemble. This autumn/winter I have been seriously in love with black and white and the shades of grey in between. THIS sort of pushed me over the edge. All black. Black on black. A bit of dramatic styling. I want it all and more. I even ordered my first ever Limecrime matte red lipstick. It’s happening folks. Expect for there to be a blackout.

So why the flash of inspiration? What other than the ridiculously gorgeous Angelina Jolie in a killer movie about one of the best characters EVER? Well just all that of course. Hubby and I attended the media screening in Brisbane on Tuesday night {one of the first in the world, oh la dee dah} at the recently renovated and soon to be open for BIG business Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

In 3D. And I’m normally not a fan of 3D, extreme tendencies for motion sickness induced vomiting have put me off BUT this was magnificent. I’d even recommend the 3D version to people, which I never, ever, ever do. It was visually stunning and the story is unique but not overly unexpected in this modern fairytale world we live in. Some people have said they made Maleficent whimpy and watered down, I disagree. Angelina is all kinds of wonderful and even when she busts out some version of a leather catsuit during I didn’t roll my eyes. Plus Elle Fanning is gorgeous like a little ray of sunshine as Princess Aurora, I was transfixed.

So enough about that, right? You want to know HOW to dress like an evil fairy QUEEN right? Well derr. And thanks to Torrid you can do it pretty easily because they have an official Maleficent RANGE. If you can handle their ridiculous shipping charges {go in with a friend, that’s what we do}.

140514_lb_maleficent_cvr2 140514_lb_maleficent_62 140514_lb_maleficent_52 140514_lb_maleficent_32

Yup, I’ll wait here while you check them out. Apparently a lot of the items are marked almost sold out so get in quick if something takes your fancy. And no, excuse me, this is not a sponsored post for Torrid. I found the range via their newsletter, to which I subscribe, and clicked through. Anything with a popped collar the size of the one on the aptly named High-Collar Dress HAD to be in this post, don’t you think?

But what’s THAT, you want mooooore? Well here are some black, black, black basics that will get you in the mood to be bad. Very, very bad. In the very best way. After all, every girl needs a little black on black wardrobe action now and again. So get your eyeliner and red lipstick ready, I’ve got you covered with the very best I could find on the interwebs. You’re welcome.

Steal Her Style: Maleficent Movie 2014 Shopping Board

1. Laser Cut Out Blouse 2. Asymmetrical Hem Dress 3. Panelled Leggings
4. Wet Look Top 5. Cage Back Dress 6. V-Neck Gown 7. Structured Sleeve Black Dress
8. High Neck Layering Dress 9. High Split Maxi Dress


Happy shopping, I look forward to lots of dark, dramatic selfies in our future. Haha. 

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