Take a moment to think of those times when life just works and things go your way. Do you have something in mind? Well keep that feeling of warm fuzzy for a moment as you read about how this hot skirt came to be mine. It’s not a long story. But a necessary one. This Torrid denim, high waisted pencil skirt was sent to me on the arms of a blonde angel. A smiley, cheerful angel. New with tags. I could hear the chorus. The light at the end of the fashion tunnel.

I wanted it.

Luckily for me, friend and said angel Olivia from Wait Until the Sunset understood my pre-Christmas broke’ness and let me take it home with me from the Plus Size Clothes Market and pay her later. What a gem. A legend. A doll. And a saint. The only issue I have is that with the sleek, structure line of the skirt and the solid fit of the denim, I’m having trouble sitting down in this baby. Ask Hubby, it’s a bit of a sight, I’m sure.

Wiggle skirt would be an understatement. It seems a tad ridiculous to own a skirt that only really looks good standing up, but there are plenty of occasions you have to stand up at. Isn’t there? While writing this I can’t help but think of none. No occasions where it’s a requirement to stand the whole way through. Except maybe a BBQ or something…  So fingers crossed it gives a little or I just get better at sitting in it, because it’s just too cute to give up.

Check it ooooout.

plus size denim skirt outfit 002

plus size denim skirt outfit 008

plus size denim skirt outfit 006

plus size denim skirt outfit 005

plus size denim skirt outfit 007

Do you own clothes that you can only really stand up in?

Top – Autograph Fashion
Scarf – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Skirt – Torrid
Beads – Lovisa
Wedges – KMart

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