Some days I get dressed and I think, gee whiz this outfit really needs to go out somewhere. Do something. Be shown off a little. Usually I don’t have anywhere to go. Such is life in a small town. But hey, most days I wouldn’t change it for the world. This outfit though, it’s just a little bit special and a lot comfortable. The studs around the neckline just make it party worthy. Too bad I wasn’t going to a party. I wore this outfit with my blue loafers to grab some take out with Hubby. We had just arrived home and I spotted my blue heels in the car as I unloaded some last-minute groceries from the boot. Can we just grab a pic, I said. But not here, can we go to the blue wall?

And Hubby, well he said yes, because he’s lovely. So I pulled out a bit of lippie and off we went. The eye make-up is just left over from the day and was a little smudged from the gym. I tried to fix it up but made it worse, I think. Meh. It works. It’s pretty cool, if you ask me. But it needs something {other than appropriate underwear}. It needs… Hmmm.

This outfit, what it really needs is a girls night!

plus size dinner with the girls outfit 006

plus size dinner with the girls outfit 003

plus size dinner with the girls outfit 008

It makes me want to rally the ladies, eat canapés and party.

It reminds me of this one time, not last winter, the winter before, when my sister-in-law arrange just such a night. A new restaurant had opened in town, we were desperate to try out the new menu, so we went for a few drinks and a large order of the tasting menu. 4 hours later, we were closing the place. Finalising the bill for the evening a few things were realised. I’d started a tab for the table at some point and we’d ordered LOADS of wine. We’d also managed to eat 7 serves of fried Camembert between the 10 of us. Our simple, couple of cocktails and some nibbles ended with me running my eftpos card for over $300 AND I wasn’t the only one paying the bill. Whoops.

An important secondary story to this is that my sister had skinny dipped in the neighbouring motel pool for $80 collected in coins from our wallets and was now drying herself in front of the air con in my car.You know what, we could tell we had eaten well and ended up quite festive in the process because there were a few of us determined to head out. As in, to the club {yes, singular} to round out the night before heading home.  A risky prospect for those of us heading to work the following morning… But there we were on our way out on the town. Sober driver at the wheel, of course.

Girls nights are THE BEST.

plus size dinner with the girls outfit 005

plus size dinner with the girls outfit 004

plus size dinner with the girls outfit 002

Top – Crossroads
Skirt – ASOS Curve
Bangles – City Chic {gifted}
Shoes – Emerson for BigW

{disclosure policy}

plus size dinner with the girls outfit 007

Who wants to come on a ladies night with me!?


  • Emma Hinchliff

    I’ll come out with you!!! I haven’t had a good ladies night in years!!

    • GREEEEAT! Me either. This was way too long ago. Must organise another one.

  • Amy Wells

    I have no girlfriends to go out with so I’d come out with you!

  • You look gorge! Ill totally come on a girls night with you … complete with too much wine, lots of laughing to the point of snorting and talk of willies (oh, is that just me and my friends on a girls night out? Woops!).

    Is that a recent asos curve pencil skirt? I nought one a few weeks back from the clearance section and when it came it totally didnt fit me, mostly because it was soooo long! It came halfway down my calves and looked really odd! Tell me how to work it, cus its just gathering dust at the mo!

    • Well thank you muchly. Great. Sounds good. You’ll fit in perfectly. Haha.

      It is, mine is about 12 months old but the one on the site is the same. If it’s too long, wear it tucked into your bra. That’s my hot tip. I wear this one pretty high on my waist and I’m tall, so that’s what I’d do. 😉

  • mimi

    Is there a website for the hows

    • Is that an auto-correct shoes? Let me know and I’ll grab a link if there is one.

  • Min

    You look gorgeous! Love that outfit and wow what a gorgeous wall for a backdrop. Totally sets off the outfit! xo

    • Thank you Min. Such a great backdrop, but it opposes a red wall which makes for some funny colour variations sometimes. Haha.

  • Gorgeous! As usual! xx

  • Can’t get enough of the matchy matchy walls and shoes thing that you’ve got going on 🙂 xx

  • Love this! YES – let’s ‘dress for ladies night success!’ & I’ll tell you what : I don’t drink, so I’ll be the designated driver 🙂

    • Thank you. Absolutely! Come on over, let’s go now. I know a place that serves great nibbles. 🙂

  • I haven’t had a ladies night in probably 10 years. Sounds amazing.
    And I LOVE that outfit.

    • Thank you. We should book in a ladies night if that’s the case. What a travesty! 😉