WELL I was offered a ticket to Jersey Boys tonight.

In Brisbane.

I left at 3pm. Just after work.

So this is all I had time for.

I hope you will understand.

Because heck,


Have you seen it?

  • Amy

    No, but I would love to! Have fun

    • Amy is was SO good. A great story and of course the music was fab! The guys in the show are ahhhhh-mazing.

  • Sarah White

    I’d love to see that but I’ll have to stick to the soundtrack for now. Have fun:)

  • sheribombblog

    Looooooooooved it! But you already know that, cos I haven’t shut up about it 😛

  • Denyse Whelan

    I went tO a Matinee in Sydney by myself because I had parked opposite the theatre & though “why not’, I was mesmerized. Could not stop singing . loved it all. Played the soundtrack in the car, singing loudly about 11 billionty times …Big Girls Don’t Cry!

    • It was SUCH a great show. We got the call up when two people had to pull out last minute. I’ve never been so excited to hear that someone was so ill. 😉

      Big Girls Don’t Cry is all kinds of wonderful. And so is the ‘Too Good to be True..’ one.