Black & White Stripe Tee - Bonds, Black Skirt - Target, Necklace - BigW, Red Kitten Heels - KMart

Alessandria Dress - Virtu {again!}, Black Heels - Emerson for BigW

Black & White Tunic w/ Button detail - Autograph, Leggings - Autograph, Black Heels - Emerson for BigW


White tee - BigW, Black skirt - Autograph, Grey heels - Emerson for BigW, Bag - Guess

Seriously, these days I feel like all I wear is work clothes. At least, they are the only one’s I end up photographed in. Note to self. I MUST put aside some time to show off my casual wardrobe. Coming soon. One skirt 4 ways with the Virtu Naria Skirt. Do you reuse items in your wardrobe for multiple outfits? Or is it a one piece, one look policy.


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  • Brittonie

    What lovely outfits!

    Sigh, sadly, there is not much choice for my workwear, there is only so much you can do with black black black and oh, David Jones black.

    • Thanks Britt. I look like a ninja in all black often enough. So I feel your pain. I’d end up getting fired for wearing a hot pink top or something. Haha.

  • Danielle

    Ok I just read that as..all I seem wear to work today is clothes…

    I was sitting here think… Well drr!!

  • The best part about this post is that all the clothes are not only snazzy and very professional, but affordable!! You look lovely. Looking forward to the Naria skirt photos …

    • Thanks Leanne, I think that’s important. It is for me anyway. Especially for every day wear that sooner or later will end up rained on, or in the mud or with coffee spilt on it. Haha.

  • You’ve inspired me to NOT wear boring black pants with a (insert color here) cardigan twin set this week. I’ve been in a rut and I’m ready to dress fun again! I think I’ll even get off the couch and go find a multipurpose black skirt RIGHT NOW!!!

    • Such great news Rachel! Nothing worse than a day job to stifle our creativity. 😉

    • Oh and make sure you send me a couple of pics (and a paragraph or two about your style) so I can include you in the Friends of Suger – Your Style post.

  • Sheri Bomb

    One piece one look? NO WAY! My wardrobe is a frankenstein of upcycled and reused pieces. It’s actually pretty amazing how many different ways you can wear things. I like to look at it as a bit of a challenge for myself 🙂

    • Thank goodness I’m not the only one! It is a bit of a challenge. I love white tee’s for this, so many ways to wear them. And so simple.

  • Gosh I wish I had your guts. I am a larger girl, and just couldn’t do what you do!

    • Guts I’ve got! It’s not that scary after the first time or two. Maybe you should send me some pics for the Friends of Suger – Your Style post. REALLY step out of your comfort zone. 😉

  • adam watters

    bigger ladys,,,can wear a skirt,,,and be very sexy…

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