Let me tell you a few things I wish some had told me. 
You don’t HAVE to have a niche. In my opinion more and more blogs are moving towards the lifestyle type blog. The category formally know as a personal blog. Except the ones starting by people with a specific business style intention. I’m assuming, that’s not you. As you blog, you may find you gravitate more and more towards a certain topic. A niche will develop. Don’t not start because you don’t fit. Even when you fit you won’t fit. 
Take it from me! 
If you don’t love photography don’t spend your entire tax return on a camera. Use or upgrade your phone to a smart phones and use the camera on that {bonus, you tweet, facebook & blog from there too! Ha}. Add a filter or two if your photo really need help and hey presto, you’re done. BUT if you love taking photos, then get yourself the best DSLR you can afford and get learning everything about it. My method is taking as many photos as possible. 
This leads me to, use your own photos on your blog as much as possible. Stock photos are beautiful, yes. But they belong to someone else and most blogger don’t pay to use them. Plus they are generic. Impersonal in a way. To you  anyway, to the person who owns them, probably not. There is something personal about the images being your own. There is something for the reader to connect to. Something real. Something you. You just can’t beat that. 
Remember to have a life. Blog’s get boring when the blogger forgets to have a life and spends all their time behind the computer screen. Enjoy your family, friends, children and the things around you. Bring them back {if suitable and if you’re comfortable} and show the world you. And your life and your reflection on it will be what makes your blog a special place for you. And that’s what matters. YOU. 
And for goodness sake, if it isn’t fun, why the heck are you doing it!? 
No really, why!? 

  • River

    I'm a little guilty of not having a life. I've never been a social person and now that I've moved, I find myself riding four buses a day to and from work, and by the time I get home I really don't want to go anywhere or do anything.Possibly this might change as I get used to the new routines, and now that I'm feeling well again I'll probably start going for walks with my camera again. Not a fancy DSLR, just a point and shoot that I seem to be rather good with.

  • "if it isn't fun, why the heck are you doing it!?"And amen to that sista…xx

  • Ianstein

    I agree with using your own photos in your blog…I try to when ever I can… but there are some pretty funny generic ones out there if the need arises. I have only been blogging since Janurary and its alot harder to blog about things that dont pertain to you personally so I try to blog about the funny things that happen…and yes funny things happen alot in my life…therefore I blog 🙂

  • jody

    so true, great post! x

  • I love that you always use your own photos ( even though i dont – i'm one of those bloggers who trawls WeHeartIt to find a pic that connects to the topic i'm blogging about… ). I've been blogging for 5 years and my blog started out as an sad, lonely, emo girl blog – purely a way to get stuff off my chest – but in that 5 years its evolved into more of a personal/mummy blog, complete with name change and a makeover or two!

  • My Beautiful World

    As you know I'm new to blogging But I sure do love it, and your blog!!xoAlways Wendy

  • This is why I have NOT been blogging. I am not doing anything the least bit interesting. It's boring even to me so I certainly am not sharing it with you guys! I came into blogging with no pre-conceived notions of what I wanted my blog to be. I hadn't previously been reading blogs or anything so I just started one. I didn't know about "categories" (I hate that word!) or anything. I blogged just to be blogging. I had a desire to write and blogging gave me that.