This morning I went to the gym. Pretty much on time. My sis and I had a pretty good work out doing our modified program {thanks Dean Boy} focusing on the larger muscles such as the core and legs.  We spent some time on the bikes and treadmills as well. Overall, good. I was easing into it, after being sick and not doing much at all for the past week {cough10dayscough} I still feel a little delicate. An excuse maybe, but throwing up in the gym is best left for your first week or two.

Do you know the best part? No? Well, ok I’ll tell you. This afternoon on my way home I thought to myself how nice it would be to get home. Something along the line of thank goodness I’m going home. Oh. I really should go to the gym… But it’s cold. I’m tired. I don’t have clothes. Oh. Wait. I went this morning! Haha. WINNING. That’s why I love going in the mornings. Less time for excuses. Out of bed and go.

So now I’m home. Hubby and I had minestrone soup and toasted English muffins with lashings of butter {what!? It’s Winter. And I like butter}. All before 6:15pm. We are calling it the eve of the Nana and making other jokes about our new lifestyle. But you know what, it’s nice. Nice to have the time to sit and write and nice to have a full belly and warm feet. Those oldies, they might just be on to something.

Did you end up getting some exercise today? Do YOU eat dinner at Nana o’clock?  

And yes that’s me in my work out gear wearing an I <3 You badge! Doesn’t every body? Haha. {Photo taken after Saturday’s work out when I forgot I was wearing it after playing with in my cousin’s car before the gym.}

  • Talia Carbis

    I’ve just started doing my exercise in the mornings too. Once Lior goes down for his morning sleep (7:30ish) I pray, read the bible, and do pilates. Then I feel like I’ve got all the important things done and the day is off to a good start!
    I’ve only been doing it for a few days, but it seems to be working well!

  • Serialstyler Brisbane Australi

    Winter just kills any urge for me to do a workout…maybe some morning yoga in my PJ’s is the answer. And butter. mmmm. You can keep your sugar but there’s nothing better that warm butter on a piece of cafe style fruit toast.

    • I’m the same. I’d take butter on toast any old day over the week over sugar based anything. Apparently I’m French or something. 😉 Morning yoga in your PJs sounds like the plan. Great actually!

  • We definitely eat dinner at Nana O’Clock! Mr BB works five minutes from our apartment so on days I am at home (most of them) we eat no later than 6pm. We usually have something after, too, but dinner is usually done and dusted by then!

    At the moment, my exercise consists of back rehab moves done four times a day. Before that, I just went for a run. Mr BB bought me a Wii and the EA Games Personal Trainer (forgot the real name) game and the WiiFit stuff so that when I can exercise more I can just do it in the loungeroom to start with so if I hurt myself someone will be there. I’ll definitely be doing it first thing in the am – get it over and done with, I say!

    • Living so close to work is a good excuse. You might as well get dinner sorted than sit down and try and do something only to get interrupted later. Probably the one excuse for Nana O’Clock dining for two grown people under 40. 😉

      Back rehab? Oh, that doesn’t sound good. And I love the Wii for that sort of thing. Reports out and about in the world say it works wonders if you go with it. Stay safe!! For goodness sake.

  • Renae

    Yes I LOVE getting my workout/walk/exercise of some sort out of the way in the morning. I find that I actually eat better for the rest of the day that way – don’t want to waste the workout! Problem is, I’m not a morning person, but I do find it gets me off to a great start when I commit to it. Good on you for getting back in to it!

    • Thanks Renae. It’s nice to be back on the horse, so to speak. And yes, not much of a morning person myself, 7.30am is the best I can manage for a morning workout. Anything before that I doze off on the treadmill and stack it. Haha.