Most of you know that I live in sunny, warm Queensland Australia. It doesn’t get that cold around here except for a day here or there and handful of mornings. Mostly. A wet winter, after a wet start to the year {did someone say sunny?}, it’s been pretty chilly here. Not that I mind. I like to get rugged up for winter. Layer some knits and call it snuggle weather. Are you a fan of winter?

Me? I’m not really a winter girl. I am made for the sunshine and the long days of summer. I thrive on the ocean, swimming and entertaining friends around a BBQ with an ice packed beverage in my hand. Sumer lovin’, that’s me. But there are SOME things that I love about winter. I love snuggly scarves, long mornings in bed snuggled under a doona and boots.

I really, really LOVE boots. Sometimes I envy people who live in cooler climates and their ability to wear boots pretty much year round. There’s certainly a window of time here for such things. It gets too hot too fast and boots get stashed away for the year. Though sometimes you can sneak an ankle boot in year round. Not always but that’s probably the thing I love most about winter. There’s just something so awesome about puling them on and zipping them up. What a win!

This layered outfit is something of a winter staple for me. I mix in different body-con dresses, striped, patterned, whatever and more or less scarves, heavier or lighter jackets, stockings or tights replacing pants when I don’t need the warmth. Basically if you need to attend a BBQ with friends or want to run some errands in comfort, this outfit is a must. And bonus you get heaps more wear out of your summer dresses. Yay. Check out the piccies.

winter layers plus size outfit-1 winter layers plus size outfit-7 winter layers plus size outfit-4

winter layers plus size outfit-9winter layers plus size outfit-3winter layers plus size outfit-2 winter layers plus size outfit-5

Necklaces – Op Shop
Teal Body-Con Dress – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Scarf – Autograph
Cardigan – Autograph
Ponte Pants – Target {gifted}
Boots – Autograph {similar}


And that’s about all I can manage today, I’ve had an amazing weekend and I’m suffering the ill effects of some over indulging! Not that I’m complaining, I had AN AMAZING weekend. Life’s just made better by weekend’s like this one. I hope you enjoyed yourself too. If not, I may have enjoyed myself enough for all of us. So you’re welcome. Haha.

Are you pro winter? Or is summer more your style?


  • H2289

    Firstly that colour looks amazing on you. Its nice to see colour even in winter!

    I love both winter and summer equally. Currently I’m waiting like a little kid for it to snow- Hubby says it isn’t going to but I’m still hopeful! In saying that its always nice when it starts to warm up after a cold winter.

    • Thank you. Blue and I always get along well but thank you for saying so.

      Haha. Love this, I love the idea of winter when it’s coming and love the idea of full summer when it’s coming but when they are both here I’m a bit like phew, I need a break! Haha.

  • Cherie

    Oh for goodness sake pull that scarf up round your neck and put on a long coat you look freezing … Well you would if you were in Sydney this morning where it’s freezing 🙂 You look very gorgeous for where You are:)

    • Haha. Bossy boots! It is perfect for winter here, though the scarf did get looped around a little more as the night went on.

      Good luck with the cold. Brrrr, that’s not for me thanks.

  • Blue really suits you xo

  • Gi Csome

    If that´s as cold as it gets in Queensland, I´ve found my place in the world! Can you look up a cheap apartment for me to rent? Ha! This winter in Buenos Aires has been warmer than others, but I still hate it. Me and cold -we don´t get along. Summer is my thing.

    • And we’d love to have you! it’s lovely here. And I work in realestate part time so I’m ALL over that. Haha. See you soon.

  • Loving the colours! I’m more of a winter girl myself, but I agree, I wish we could wear boots for longer periods here!

    • Thanks Nat. And I know right!? MORE boots weather, more!

      I know why you’re a winter girl, I bet you’re an AMAZING snuggler?