I popped over to read this article about full fat versus reduced fat products because  I was interested. You know me, I prefer to drink the whole fat milk and enjoy that then drink skim milk and get confused with a glass of water. And that was LONG before I first gave up sugar and found out that they add sugar to skim milk to replace some of the flavour they take out with the fat. Apparently. Anyway. Where was I.

I read the article and biased as I am I was nodding my head all the way through it. Sounded ok to me. That’s about right, I was thinking. All in all I was pretty sure I understood what was going on. Then I read the comments. I’m not sure I did any more. Uh oh,  thought. I’m on a smart people blog. People discussing reports and biology and studies. Words flying and discussion happening none of which made sense to me. Not really anyway. I was out of my depth.

So I clicked the red X and pretended it didn’t happen. I’m smart like that.

What websites intimidate you?


  • I feel that way every time I read an article about going sugar-free! Totally intimidated and overwhelmed by what all the smart people are talking about, and this doctor versus that doctor. I like trying to figure all this stuff out in my head, don’t you? 🙂

    • I do. I like pondering. I like thinking it through. I AM glad though, it’s not a dinner table conversation where at any moment someone could turn to me and say, sooooo Melissa, what do YOU think? Eeeek!

  • Amy

    My husband is addicted to one paleo blog where they go into all kinds of scientific detail about the pros and cons of certain foods. I try, but fail, to keep up most of the time. It’s nice to know that the information is out there when I want it, but I’ll stick to my superficial side of the interwebs ;P

    • Ha! Why is it ALWAYS diet related. Biology and all that is SO intimidating. Tell Kenny he’s cool. I said so.

  • Well if I’m perfectly honest, sites of successful, inspiring and interesting bloggers intimidate me (like this one). But I don’t click the red X and pretend it didn’t happen, I click the comment button and pretend I’m not intimidated, pretend I’m one of the cool kids. I’m smart like that. Not to blow smoke up your ass or anything. 😉

    • An excellent strategy indeed. Ha. And trust me, no need to be intimidated by me or this blog. It’s much much what you see is what you get. I’m smart like THAT. 😉

  • Eden from Edenland for those who are yet to discover her powerfulness. She intimidates me, not because of her content, I get all that, I feel it. But the power with which she write scares the hell out me, makes me feel like I’m doodling with crayons.

    • sheribombblog

      I know what you mean Trudie but I am the opposite. Yes she sometimes make me question my abilities but she is so amazing and raw and her writing…just wow! I drink her up!

    • I get where you’re coming from, I’d never really thought of it that way.

  • Cbrain

    What about the whole milk and fertility debate? Drink it….avoid it. That confuses the beJesus out of me! I think it all comes down to personal experience anyway. Remember there is always a human behind each statistic. They have a story to tell.
    I like how you think smart people wear glasses.

    • There’s two sides to every coin, right? You just have to keep doing the best you can with the information you have available. Or, you know, can understand. Haha

      Smart people wear glasses, the dictionary told me. Umm. I’m sure of it.