This time of year in Queensland we finally start to see a little bit of cooler weather. Maybe an afternoon breeze with a bit more chill or evenings that require light jackets. Woooo. Finally, right? Our southern neighbours have all this and more long before we do. But what it means is that I continue to wear the easy summer dresses but can finally bust out a jacket for dinner with hubby. Win!

Well for a little while anyway.

The simple casual dress is something that I search high and low for. If I find one I love that around my size I buy it when I can. I rotate them by selling the ones I’m sick of the sight of {overwear usually, haha} and new ones arrive. Sometimes though I can go months and months without finding a new one to buy. These babies can be few and far between. I guess my point is if you see one you like then you should grab it. They are just so darn versatile.

plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-1 plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-7 plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-10 plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-4

I was thinking about this the other day, the whole summer dress all year round thing. I basically live in summer clothes or clothes that can be transitioned during mid-season. In my hometown we only really have a month of cold, cold weather. And even then some of you would probably laugh at what I considered to be cold. So I don’t own a lot of winter specific items. Sometimes I long for big winter coats and jackets, does that happen to you? Or do you long for endless summers?

Like I was saying above a simple dress, a great print and an easy cut can be the perfect addition to a wardrobe like mine. Imagine this dress with a cropped jacket, tights and ankle boots. Or just ankle boots on a winter’s day when your toes are cold but your arms are warmed by the sun. That’s the sort of weather we get here. That’s the sort of weather that means you’ll never see me bundled up in the snow. But I’m okay with that.

plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-2 plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-6 plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-3 plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-8 plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-5

Take Me Away Sequin Trim Jacket – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Dress – ASOS Curve via Curvy Cartel
Shoes – Target Australia {gifted}
Sunglasses – BigW {unavailable online}
Bag – Autograph Fashion {2011}
Beads – Opshop 


plus size casual dress with denim jacket outfit-11

  • Carole S.

    This dress is SO flattering on you. Enjoy your posts.

  • You look fab and I really love those sandals! Love a tan wedge! Good work Target.

    • Good work indeed! I have flogged these babies for months now {and the black ones} and they haven’t failed me once. WIN.

  • sheribombblog

    Love that dress! Love the pattern and the shape and cut on you is perfection!

    • Thank you muchly Ms Sheribomb. As soon as I saw the print I was like MINE! Miiinnnneee!!

  • TheLifeSheMade

    Gah, that jacket again! Every time I see it a little voice in my head keeps whispering, “get it, Get It, GET IT!”

    • Maybe that’s just me? Haha. I tell everyone who thinks they’d like it to get it. When I missed out last time I was SO sad and got lucky when they bought it back AND then they gave me one, I pretty much squealed. Haha.

  • Taran

    How do i buy that dress? I need it. NOW! Gorgeous!

    • Oh eeek! Sorry. I picked mine up second hand as last time I checked ASOS had sold out. Maybe try eBay?