Brought to you by Target {disclosure}

I’m a shoe fan. I’d have fifty million pairs of shoes if my budget and the space in my house allowed for it. I think if I could come back as anyone in the next life it would be as a shoe designer. Mostly so I could have an endless supply of shoes that always fit and were the perfect shades to perfectly match my outfits in that matchy matchy way I love. Sigh. Can you imagine? Shoes.

I wear a size 11 shoe. Buying shoes has always been a bit of a pain in the butt. For years I even squished into a 10 or 10 1/2 when I could buy them so I didn’t miss out on the new season styles and looks. As you guys know I’m from a relatively small town so my options weren’t that great. Target was one of the only places I could buy an 11 in a fashion type shoe. So this month we’re talking Target’s shoes and how something so simple can make or break an outfit!

Take THIS outfit for example, with kitten point toe heel is cute, casual and fun. With an ankle boot is edgier, something for a movie or dinner with girlfriends would be great. Then if you add a wedge, ankle strap heel like these babies well then it’s date night material and the woot woo appeal is cranked up more than one notch. The shoes make a whole heap of difference.

I know you’ll hear me loud and clear if you’re a shoe girl too. Now let’s talk choosing the right shoe for your outfit!

monochrome outfit target womens shoes-3 monochrome outfit target womens shoes-5 monochrome outfit target womens shoes-9 monochrome outfit target womens shoes-2

My tips for choosing the right shoe for your outfits are;

  • Consider where you are going and what you will be doing.
  • Are you going to add a colour to your outfit with your shoes, or match one? Or neither?
  • Will the shoes get in the way of any of the outfit? Think ankle straps and harem pants that fall at the ankle.
  • Sooo, what do you WANT to wear? That has to factor in!
  • Sometimes if an outfit is looking bland I change my shoes. From flats to heels or from boots to a wedge.
  • Take a moment to check your choice in the mirror. Does it work?

These are my picks of the current women’s shoe range at Target!

Target Women's Shoe Collage

Shop shoes here.

monochrome outfit target womens shoes-6 monochrome outfit target womens shoes-4 monochrome outfit target womens shoes-10

monochrome outfit target womens shoes-8

Wearing skirt and shoes from Target purchased with gift cards for the purpose of this post.  

  • Looking lovely. x

  • Chelsea Sutherland

    Oh thank god you only photographed one pair – every time you feature Target shoes I feel the need to GET ALL OF THEM.

    • Haha. Thank goodness indeed. This was very nearly a multi-shoe post. 😉

  • Love the pop of white on the shoes!

  • Emma Hinchliff

    SHOES!!! Ahhh I have fallen in love with Target all over again, simply because of their shoes!!! Remind me to raid your shoe collection next time I’m up your way!!

    • Emma Hinchliff

      That skirt is pretty cute by the way! Where ever did you get it? ;-P

    • The shoes have been good lately. I can’t wait to see what else they have for spring. You can look, but you can’t touch the shoe collection. Haha. Sorry hun. 😉

  • First of all, YEY! Stripes are back!!!
    Second, that necklace is lovely.
    And third, thank God I can´t buy from Target or my credit cards would be on fire! Love the shoes you´re wearing… and the ones with stripes… and the blue ones… and the yellow sandals….

    I´m gonna go cry in a corner now.

    • 1. Yay indeed. I do love stripes. They’re not going anywhere, promise.
      2. Thank you. I picked it up at a clothes swap.
      3. Haha. Indeed. There’s some great stuff out at the moment. Sorry about the crying. 😉

  • Nadine

    I am quite fussy with shoes, I tend to buy shoes in high quality leather, well made and my one ‘thing’ is (in heels) they must have a great arch (some brands don’t).

    I have bought thongs from Target when I was going to have a pedicure but not much else.

    My problem with buying any shoes at the moment is space. Years back I emptied the linen cupboard and that became my shoe cupboard, rows and rows of clear plastic boxes, but now they don’t fit. While I’m reorganizing and rearranging I have 200+clear plastic boxes lined up against the wall in my bedroom. These are so cute I might just add another pair!

    How much we’re they?

    Are they leather?

    Is the arch comfortable?


    • For everyday shoes I’m more picky. For my everyday shoes I wear a super soft heel I picked up from Evans that supports the whole foot in a way that you need if you’re on heels all day. But when it comes to fashion shoes or ones I only plan to wear seasonally, I don’t mind. If it fits, that’s a bonus. Having a big foot makes me less picky generally, I think.

      Answering your questions.
      It’s a flat arch but the sole being a wedge makes it pretty comfy.

      Good luck!

  • I love those shoes but I cannot wear anything but leather. Total shoe snob. Pleather eats my feets.

    • Haha. Fair enough. i am curious about the pleather eating your feet thing. Like blisters?

  • Sarah Collins

    I love the stripy flats! And the blue flats… and the yellow sandals haha. I hear ya about the size 11 shoes, I wear an 11 too, and have wide feet so sometimes the 11 won’t fit width wise, but is too long. Aargh! Oh well. The things we do for shoes.

  • Charlene

    This is such a good and practical blog post. its so true shoes can totally make or break an outfit! So need to share this with some friends of mine…

    • Thanks Charlene! They certainly can and i hope your friends enjoy the post. 😀

  • Pumba

    Those shoes are amazeballs. I love them.
    I’m an 11 too, and I have to say, Target is one of the only places I even bother to look for shoes anymore.

    • They really are great. And yes, I’m the same when it comes to fashion type shoes.

  • H2289

    Is it wrong that I have been thinking about these shoes ever since you put up this post? I’m in NZ so trying to butter up either my friend or brother to send them to me. Wish Target delivered to NZ!

    • Haha. Not wrong at all. I walk past them every day and try and figure out a reason to wear them to work. Good luck!

  • Mandy

    I lurrrrrrve these shoes!

    • I was just wearing them again last night. SO great. Haha.

      • Mandy

        (how do I put my pic up for when I comment???)

  • katypotaty

    I just bought the Target Messina wedges in coral (of course) this morning, they are SO comfy, I’ve been wearing them all day!

    • Of course! Wedges are the best. So easy and yet some fabulous. Enjoy them lovely. I’m checking them out next time I’m there for sure.