On the Saturday night at Plus Size Fashion Weekend, we finished up a big day with dinner at Grill’d thanks to their sponsor generosity. Thanks Grill’d, you rock! It turns out I had a headache from staring into the glare from the shiny, shiny skyline reflected through the walls of glass in the big ass penthouse. I know, first class first world problem. So I napped while the party got messy and woke up a little better and ready to eat! A comfy but party outfit was called for. So this new top from Crossroads HAD to come along for the party. Obviously.

Lately I feel like my style is evolving into something pretty streamlined, classic. Less likely to be dragged along from here to there. Give me a classic line, a striped piece and some wedges and I’m a happy girl. Sure these items have always made up a pretty large portion of my wardrobe, but now that’s ok with me. I look around the internet and I see woman of all shapes and sizes, wearing all sorts of things. It makes me brave, comfortable to be who I am. I’m so glad I found my feet in this world. It feels like home.

Did you notice the harem pants are back again? Seriously, I LIVE in these things. I wish there were more colours available. I’d love some white or coral ones for at the beach. I’d really  REALLY love some royal blue ones. And maybe a couple more pairs of black ones. They’re so comfortable to wear, but tailored enough to be dressed up and worn out. Case in point, right!?

Top – Crossroads
Bangles – City Chic {Swapped}
Pants – Autograph
Wedges – KMart

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

Photos thanks to Danimezza.

  • I think I have those shoes. Love them!
    Oh and you look fabulous!

    • They’re the BEST. I need new ones almost, I’ve worn them almost daily since I got them. Thank you lovely. 🙂

  • Zoe

    Love those pants! Where are they from?

    • They’re from Autograph. I’ve seen them in long and short in Crossroads though too. Best and Less as well.

  • Harem pants are soooo comfy and I’m loving that shirt!

  • I gotta find me some harem pants. Love the top too. Your shoes! Your shoes, even on another outfit post, I love them! But I don’t like wearing wedges and heels, my feet and legs get tired easily. Or maybe I’m just not wearing the right size. When my back problem is resolved, I’ll try my luck with pretty non-flat shoes again. 🙂