Now Suger’s today you are in for a treat. Because today’s Friends of Suger – Your Style poster is Sheri of Sheri Bomb. Her blog is home to all things Rockabilly/Kustom Kulture. And if you don’t know what that means, let me translate; Rockabilly/Kustom Kulture = AWESOME. The rockabilly part in particular speaks to my raised on Elvis and Roy Orbison heart. As, does Sheri. A kindred spirit the likes of which has not been seen since Anne and Miss Shirley. We met, I touched her hair, we hugged, it was love. And now get excited, because this girl definitely has style. Check it out.

My sense of style has always been a little bit ‘different’. From my younger years where I experimented with grungy looks, lots of dark eyeliner and bright hair colours to the refining of my style as I got older and rekindled my love of the ‘50s era with the modern Rockabilly culture. I love the Rockabilly look for so many reasons, but mostly because it just seems to suit me so well and I just feel happy and at ease when I am dressed that way.

As you can see, the ‘casual’ Rockabilly look is really all about comfort and practicality, taking its inspiration from the no-nonsense attitude of the greazers’ workshop wear to complement their hot rod rides. This suits me just fine as although I enjoy dressing up, I can be a bit of a tomboy at times and this look is easy to rock, especially if you’re low on time, yet still packs that Rockabilly punch.

Then there are the beautiful dresses that flatter every shape and are influenced by the pin ups and glamour icons of the ‘40s and ‘50s. Whether true vintage or reproductions with a modern twist, these dresses are made from colourful and luxurious fabrics that make you feel like a million bucks when you’re wearing them, and look it too! Whether hugging your curves tight for a sexy siren look or tailoring into your waist before flaring out into a full skirt at your hips, these dresses make you look and feel like a real lady and will ensure you are treated like one too!


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  • I absolutely love this style. I own a duplex, and the girls downstairs both dress like this. Makes me want to lower their rent, they’re so dang cute!


    • Sheri Bomb

      Naww that’s so lovely Pearl! I can vouch for the fact that dressing in this style does sometimes bring its perks…I guess people just find it interesting or a bit charming and out of the ordinary? It just makes me happy!

    • Me too! And go on, maybe lower it a little. 😉

  • Sheri Bomb

    Nawwww thanks so much for your kind words Liss! “we met, I touched her hair, we hugged, it was love” haha so true!

    • You’re so welcome. Thanks for sharing your style with us. You rock.

  • Sheri, you are so beautiful. I love your style, & I love seeing the effort you go to to create it. Gorgeous! Mwua!

    • Sheri Bomb

      Nawww thank you!! I am noticing a distinct overload of ‘nawww’ in my comments on here but y’all are just so darn kind! Mmmmmwah!

      • There is a decent amount of naaaw, but heck, it’s for a good reason.

    • Perfectly put! Agree, agree, agree. 🙂

  • I love that red dress Sheri!

  • Brittonie

    This is classic timeless style! Something that so very few can pull off, and she is so beautiful!

    • It’s one of my favourite looks. Pretty adaptable. But Sheri, she does it WELL.