Most weekends I can be found at home or bumming about somewhere close by. Lately I’ve been a busy bee with something, if not two somethings on every weekend. It makes for a nice change. It’s like people are here have decided that they have had enough of winter and it’s chilly stay at home weather and are living it up like summertime. I like it. Get on board folks, get on board!

So the short version of this influx of eventage is that more stuff to do on the weekends means more driving for me {most of the time} and more outfits! This weekend I was heading to the Gold Coast to babysit in paradise, visit some shops, catch up with some girlfriends and all that. I needed something that would be comfortable to wear in the car all day but wouldn’t look horrid should I be called upon to be presentable.

Ahhh denim shirtdress is there anything more perfect?

If only there was a way to make them uncrushable. Like spraying it with starch that never crumples or something..? BUT it’d still have to be squishy and soft, breezy and comfortable to wear. Does someone out there think they could manage that for me? Inventor types? Please? Hook a lady up. Until then, a few wrinkles around the butt is something I’m willing to put up with. 

chambray shirt dress with boots plus size-2

chambray shirt dress with boots plus size-6

chambray shirt dress with boots plus size-8

chambray shirt dress with boots plus size-3


If you love all things chambray and denim for the upcoming seasons it is absolutely essential that you get your butt over to 17 Sundays and check out the new items hitting their store. This spot isn’t sponsored, it’s not even by arrangement because those ladies are so cool. It’s because as a chambray shirt, shirt dress, tunic lover I know how hard it can be to find great plus size options that are both on trend and beautiful. The ladies, they’ll hook you up.

It’s worth looking and taking your time to find an item that you love. In fact, in a fun Suger behind the scenes story, I had given this dress to Liv last year and asked her if I could take it back on my last visit. Haha. What can I say, I missed it terribly! And after having a chat with Liv, I have big plans to add studs to the shoulders or something like that.

chambray shirt dress with boots plus size-9

chambray shirt dress with boots plus size-1

chambray shirt dress with boots plus size-7

chambray shirt dress with boots plus size-4

Tunic/Dress – Autograph {gifted – 2010}
Leggings – Target
Boots – Target {gifted}


  • Gab

    Love this you look gorgeous! Now I want one:)

  • Trudie Bristow

    Lovely, I like. Does it have pockets. I love me some skirts, skirts, tunics and dresses with pockets it’s one of my things. You know I think I could do the chambray in my vintage loving way a bit of boho, hippie twist I could be convinced.

    Btw love the busty pose in the first pic 😉

    • It DOES have pockets. WIN. Pockets are the best. I’m such a slack handbag carrier. And yes, I think chambray could absolutely be worked into your fun and fabulous wardrobe.

      And FYI, that’s not a pose, that’s just my boobs, side on. HA! 😉

  • I have this top/dress! It’s so comfy and I love that it has side pockets. It’s an Autumn/Spring staple for me but I’ve been thinking about dying it just to change it up a bit for spring.

    • Haha. Thanks Emma. Fine as wine may be my favourite compliment yet! I LOVE wine. 😉 It really is great! I can’t believe I ever considered letting it go. poor Liv was probably a little surprised when I asked for it back. Whoops. Rude!

  • Amy Freshfield

    I’ve just bought myself a chambray blouse for spring but now I think I want a tunic too!

  • Angela

    It’s lovely! And I want those boots…

  • Wendy Pearson

    Hi Melissa, thanks for the inspiration! I’ve just gone and bought a great denim shirt dress from Katies today and I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow for Jeans for Genes day! I’ll wear it with leggings and black wedges because it’s only going to be thirteen degrees in old Melbourne town tomorrow! Love your blog and fashionista advice? Love and light.

    • You’re so welcome Wendy. That sounds perfect. I LOVE wedges. And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I certainly have a pretty darn good time making it. 😉