We all know what happened with that whole Suger with an e thing, right? Well if not it’s best you read this post about the origin of the e sometime soon. What you probably don’t know is that my blog was small enough when I realised my mistake that I could have totally changed it. But I didn’t. In a stroke of accidental marketing genius I became Suger with an e. A little help from a friend and I was literally nicknamed Suger.

I like it. It’s unique and it’s a great story.

custom t-shirt summer outfit plus size-4custom t-shirt summer outfit plus size-2custom t-shirt summer outfit plus size-8

When I commissioned Amanda Fuller to create some new graphics and logos for the blog I knew then and there I’d be getting it stamped all over stuff. She did SUCH a great job that I wanted it on everything. Cushions, iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, coffee cups etc etc… And of course, t-shirts. Enter this baby from Custom Plus and Bob is literally my uncle. And THAT is how I came to be branding my boobs.

And what does one do with a custom Suger t-shirt? Well she {this Suger person} puts together a very Suger outfit and wears it about the place and ultimately makes her Hubby take photos for a surprise reveal on her blog. Of course. The third person thing is creepy right? I’ll stop. Now continue on checking out the photos, I hope they make you smile. After all, that is the point around here.

custom t-shirt summer outfit plus size-6 custom t-shirt summer outfit plus size-1custom t-shirt summer outfit plus size-5

Custom Logo T-Shirt – Custom Plus {wearing 2XL}
Vest – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Skater Skirt – via Boohoo {wearing UK24}
Shoes – Target Australia {sold out online}
Bag – Gift from my mother


custom t-shirt summer outfit plus size-3

It’s a wee bit too much, right? Or perhaps maybe it could be considered a wardrobe essential and I should order loads more? You decide. Haha.


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  • Trudie Bristow

    You’re hilarious and brilliant and yes it’s 1.15am in the morning and I’m feeding Fraser, and I’m trying to hold back giggles as to not wake him. I think you know when you were doing this that I’d love this bold branding statement.

    On to your outfit. I love a vest and tee combo. Love the skirt on you particularly the length, it’s all in the legs woot, woot.

    I say more tees and more branding of things, why “Suger Coat” the idea. X

    • Haha. Indeed. Kindred spirits you and I. Blog soulmates. Thank you muchly. Let’s brand the heck out of stuff. Tote bags, coffee mugs, the sky is the limit.

  • Cindy15905

    I went to the site, but could not find your T-shirt! Are they all out??? I’d love to get one

    • I had it custom made their their make your own area. I’m going to email them and see if I can have a store or something, a few of the ladies on Facebook said the same thing. Sorry for the confusion!

  • David R Thompson

    I love it. When I got your email and it said “Branding My Bolobs” really caught my attention.

    • I’m sure it did. Haha.

      • David R Thompson

        What’s the temperatures down under, really nice I imagine. Supposed to get to 17 below tomorrow night with a high of minus 2.

        • HOT. It was over 40 degree {celsius} the other day. Cooler today, only in the mid thirties! Ick. Would give for a little bit cooler, but not THAT cool. Like, ever. Haha.

          • David R Thompson

            Wow. 40 Celsius is 104 Fahrenheit. Tonight is going down to 17 below Fahrenheit which is 27 below Celsius with a wind chill of 40 below which is the same on both scales.

  • lisa | renovating italy

    One of my favorite T’shirts is from a friend of mine at a seminar she was running, it has
    ‘Wanna change your life….get uncomfortable’ along with her website
    every time I wear it I get comments and then talk about my friend Lyndsey . I still have it, still wear it, and still love it!…..
    I think you should brand someone else’s boobs, maybe give one away…..xxxx
    ciao ciao love lisa xxx

    • That’s so cool! I’ll have to send you guys some Suger stuff to remind you of me. 😉

      I’m thinking a give-away is just what we need. I’ve got a Society6 page that I’m testing out at the moment for quality etc and if that works out and I can get a custom plus page going, then it’s on for sure!

  • Danimezza

    Awesome! Love Amanda’s work and your boobs look amazing!
    I’ll be ordering Tees soon for Aussie Curves after my rebrand. Love the fit of these x

    • She’s really awesome and completely got what I wanted from a few photos and a random description. Haha. The Aussie curves tee’s sound great. The quality has been good, my make coffee not war is a Tiny Hobo design from Custom Plus. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and the print is still pretty good.

  • ozdiscodiva

    If you’ve got it girlfriend, flaunt it!!!
    As a newby fan, must admit the “e” confused me for abit, after finding and losing you several times. lol ;D

    • Haha. Indeed. Whoops. Sorry about that. I really should make the story more accessible so it’ll stick with people. Thanks for the idea.

  • That outfit is cute! Loveee the skirt! As for the shirt i love it, wear your brand with pride!!! 🙂 xx

    • Thanks! It’s pretty cool and I’m always looking for new ways to stake my blogger claim. HA!

  • OMG I feel really thick, I had never noticed it lol, the odd time I looked at it and thought it didn’t look quite right but didn’t really think anymore about it lol. – oh and it looks awesome on the T

    • Don’t worry, it tooks me AGES to realise it was spelt wrong. I thought it was just one of those aus/us spelling things. Haha. Whoops. And thank you! I’m really happy with how it turned out. 🙂

  • Gayel @ Modern Mummy Mayhem

    I want one!! I will wear it. You just watch me. Then Instagram that style all over the internet.

    • Haha. Awesome Gayel! I’ll let everyone know when the links etc are live. 😉

  • So cool! The different spelling makes you easier to find on google and social media platforms too 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! Yeah, NOW that I beat that Suger guy for top spot {sometimes!}. Haha.

  • Ha! I LOVE THIS! So much! The styling is so spot on, and damn, I even want to rock a Suger shirt!

    • Thank you muchly lady. I feel like I really got a handle on what I like last year. Here’s to another great year. And you know what, you may be able to! I’ve spoken to Custom Plus about maybe having a shop. I just have to submit my ideas. EXCITING.

  • sexysammie

    awesome outfit! I think the branding is about right 🙂