I wish I was kidding about this, but I’ve been thinking about dancing. I’m not a very keen dancer. I feel like such a tool when I dance. All waving arms and shuffling feet. I’m awkward and usually had a few drinks. It’s just a not very fun process. I’m all in my head. I’m embarrassed and kind of shuffly. But that’s the point isn’t it…

It would be more fun if I didn’t care. If I just went for it and shook what my mother gave me? I imagine it would be pretty darn funny. I’m strangely drawn to the running man and that one with the bum shake and arm out in front… What’s that called? So yeah, it’s going to be a sight to behold, I’m sure. I might even throw in a little aeroplane action with my arms.

Too bad we don’t have any family functions coming up where I could test my moves with people who love and support me in all I do. Who would laugh WITH me over my lame dance moves. I think I need to build up to taking this out in public. I don’t think they’re ready for this jelly… HA. I’m joooooking. But really, I don’t think they are. Ready, that is.

But I’ll try anyway.

Because if you can’t dance as though no one is watching, what’s the point?

  • Bernadette Clegg

    Take me dancing with ya babe! We can be dorks together 😉

  • Don’t forget the sprinkler, the shopper (you push the trolley, and pick items of the shelf)
    I admire people who can get up and have fun and not worry what people are thinking, my wife and girls gave me such a hard time of my dancing years ago I have never danced since and won’t again, except for the Fonzie shuffle that is! 😉
    Have fun, I think you need to poste a video but 🙂

    • OMG yes!! Hubby is the king of these type of moves. I think it’s why we’re such a menace on the dance floor. If only were were being ironic or funny or whatever. But no, we mean it.

      Sure thing, I’ll Vlog it IF you come along and dance the Fonzie shuffle with us. Haha.

  • Kirsty

    Yep, dance like no-one’s watching! Couldn’t agree more!

    That’s why I only do it in my lounge room, when no-one’s home and the curtains are shut 🙂
    You go girlfriend! 😉

    • Love this! Might have to do my ‘training’ the same way. Good thinking 99. 🙂

  • Ninja

    I could teach you some awesome moves, but no one would ever see them!

    • They would SO welcomed. Especially if you have a signature move in mind.. Haha.

  • LInda – lulufroufrou

    ooh you should try Zumba!! Its choc full of lame dance moves and routines. I laugh through the whole thing – lots of fun.

    • Linda, omg, we did Zumba for a while when we went to Curves. SO much fun. But we got in trouble for laughing and talking our way through. Haha. I’m pretty sure we’re not welcome back.

  • Yeah, I think with dancing you just have to act like nobody is watching. I love dancing but I never used to do it because I was too self-conscious. Now a dance floor is the one place I can get out of my head, make a fool of myself, and forget the world! Don’t wait for a family function – go for a girls’ night! So fun 🙂

  • Maxabella

    Get in there and shake your good thing!! x

  • OK so heres your plan of attack:
    When in a situation where you are either a) feeling awkward b) not drunk enough to dance proudly c) listening to music you dont understand (e.g. dubstep)! You simply COPY PEOPLE! Now you do need a friend for this to work (otherwise you look like a major dork!). But you simply point out to them someone else who is pulling off an interesting/hilarious/hopeless dance move and then you make your friend join you in imitating them! Trust me this works and is soooooo much fun!!!! Yes you will make a fool of yourself, but if anyone looks at you funny or says anything you just point at the person you’re copying and it all makes sense – you’re a comedy act not a hopeless dancer!
    (yes this is really somthing i do – OFTEN!)

    • Baaaahaha. I’m pretty sure I AM the hilarious/hopeless dancer person. Go me. Way to start a craze. Oh goodness, I loved this comment. So fun. Let’s go dancing!

  • river

    I never learnt the proper dance steps for any of those shake your booty type dances. I just shook, waved and wiggled whatever I could. These days I still “sort of” dance in my living room, but I have to limit the moves so much in case I throw my back out and can’t go to work. So it’s not as much fun.

    • Oh goodness River, I had to chuckle at this. Damn your horrid back. Maybe shuffling is the safer method. 😉 xox

  • Kimmie

    Have you seen this?

    If not you MUST!

    Love, love, love it!