I know the title talking about a road trip on a Saturday is a bit of a tease on a Wednesday. Sorry about that! But if it makes you feel any better, I am road tripping today to Brisbane for a training day with my corporate office. Go me. I agreed quickly to attend as it puts me IN Brisbane the day before I fly out to ProBlogger. You know the mad part, this is the first time I could get a flight that wasn’t 6 or 7am and now I will only have driven 15 minutes instead of 60 or at worst 120 minutes! So ha HA universe, HA HA.

Anyway. What was I talking about.

Ah yes. This weekend just gone I hopped in the car for a trip to Brisbane to catch up with Nat. She was visiting family in Tweed and caught a train with her daughter to Logan so we could catch up. I wore a new Kmart maxi dress and an old scarf. It was a pretty warm day and I wanted something that was cool, looked respectable and wouldn’t get crushed during the 2 plus hour drive. Mission Accomplished.

And can I tell you ladies and gents, we have created a monster. When I asked hubby to grab a couple of photos on my way out the door, he said that the front patio would be boring and made me traipse down the back of our block to get these. I’m glad he did, they worked out beautifully. But geeez, talk about Prima Donna. Haha. And just quietly, I blame you all. All the compliments on his photography skills have gone to his head. It’s in his hair, in case you were wondering. That’s why it’s SO big. He also demands I now take at least one photo, straight on to the camera with my eyes OPEN. Sigh. The resulting photo is the one below. The one below that, is me trying not to laugh at him. And failing, a bit.

Maxi Dress & Flip Flops – Kmart

Scarf – Unknown {oldie but a goodie}

Sunnies – Big W

{no brand associations currently exist}

  • yes the universe works in mysterious ways. Your photographer really is doing brilliantly! Those photos, even the straight on one, are awesome!! Sorry that was more compliments wasn’t it. …walking away.

    • Ah yes, a reminder that you really have no control over things at all. Haha.

      Thank you. I’ll pass it on…. Oh wait, I totally won’t. Ever!

  • On Sat when you said road trip to see Nat, I figured you were heading north!. Where did you meet up in Logan? I’m figuring Beenleigh or Woodridge being on the train line (Detective Tony) you and Nat would have been very close to me 🙂

    I am not a thong person at all, I think so many nice outfits are spoilt with thongs, but that’s my problem, most of the rest of the world love them. Dont ask me what you should have worn instead…, lol (no idea)

    Great shots Kel !!

    • Ha! Excellent detective fail there my friend. Really? We would’ve been close? Naaaw, another time. I’m dreaming about some stuff at Ikea so it won’t be long until I’m back.

      Duuuude, it’s Queensland, you’ve GOT to get over that. Trust me that I wouldn’t wear thongs anywhere special! I hate that too.

      Shhhh! Again with the compliments. 😉

      • Oh Yeah, Ikea! I forgot about that, haha, (overlooked the obvious, bad detective!!) its Ok it was Bathurst weekend, I had a hot date with the tv from midday Sat onwards 😉

  • Michelle

    Dress is great. Can I play “dress up” with you and say that I’d love to see you with shorter, blonder hair!

    • Thank you. So comfy.

      And why yes, you may. In fact go back in the archives under My Hair and you’ll see me with just that. Also orange hair, red hair and various other colours and styles. It’s nice to have long hair though for the first time in my adult life.