There was once some people who found this blog by searching ‘Will #c25k make my legs skinnier’. I laughed as I was in week two and mine certainly hadn’t gotten any skinnier, or toned. They had simply gotten sore. And a little crampy. I sighed and wondered if my legs WOULD ever get skinnier. Or if my legs would even get me past week two. It seemed hard going. Really hard going. But I knew I would keep trying.

And here I am into Week 5 of the program {eight weeks later!} and I can now answer our random searchers. My legs have indeed gotten skinnier. They are more toned and less flabby. Before, they were plenty flabby. Are they runner’s legs yet? No, not really. But are they the legs of a runner? Yes. I would say so. My running style might resemble a vigorous shuffle, but it’s still running. And this week, I do it for 9 minutes straight on and off.

So there you go. You’re welcome.

Remind me to tell you the story of my dying treadmill trying to kill me.


  • Sheri Bomb

    You had great legs to begin with so LOOK OUT WORLD!! 😉 xx

  • You go girl! The funniest search on C25k that hit my blog was this.
    What sort of couch do you need for the Couch 2 5k program?

    • Haha. I told Hubby this and he’s still wandering around the house chuckling and mumbling, what sort of couch. 😀

      Thanks for all your advice and support!

  • stinkb0mb

    funny you should mention this, i noticed my thighs started to get thinner after only my second week. i will admit, unashamedly i might add as well, that due to bouts of NO exercise over the past few weeks, due to headaches/migraines, i am still on week one of C25K but i’m not phased, i do it, then a migraine pops up which derails me for a few days and feel like i should start all over again so i do!! i’m giving it one more week of C25K week one and then i’m moving onto week 2 no matter what!!

    i suppose ANY week of the C25K is better than parking my arse on the couch tho right?

    go you, SO SO SO proud of you!!


    • For sure move on when you feel better. It’s not until you take the next step will you go to the next step, if that makes sense. But don’t even bother to run with a headache anywhere about mild. I tried once and threw up after 5minutes. Mmmm, classy. What you’ve achieved already this year is all sorts of awesome. I’m so proud of you.

      Thank YOU. Your support has meant the world. Week five better watch itself. 😛

  • zoe

    Yay! Thats awesome! I know how hard it is to run for 9 minutes.. You are doing an awesome job!

    • Thanks hun! Hanging in there & my brother has been a massive help.

  • yay! go you. I have started once again and am up to week 3 now. I am still enjoying it and looking forward to catching up to you some time soon to see those runner legs. keep it up xx

    • Thanks! And go you too. You’re all kinds of inspirational. Amazing what you squish into one day.

      Catch up soon, for sure!

  • brenda

    haha! great post and very motivational for all of us who strive for runners legs!

    • Thanks! I’ll be continuing to strive for a while yet. 😀

  • Trina

    Mine have definately toned and I have lost three cms of each thigh. Very impressed with that. We’re bring sexy legs back xo

    • Wow! Great work you. Bringing it back FOR SURE. Mini’s all the way at your party. 😉

      • Trina

        Haha im not quite sure im at mini skirt stage just yet. Dont forget to tell us about your treadmill trying to kill you xo

        • Haha. True. Me too. Oh, yes, I HAD forgotten. Good remembering lovely.

  • I’m not a runner, the hips and knees complain a lot if I even walk too fast, but I have sprinted a few times to catch a bus and always been surprised that I didn’t drop dead as soon as I took my seat. ‘gasp, gasp, gasp”. Then later there’s the leg pain, but that’s what aspirin is for, right?

    • Heehee. Always great when you have more fitness than you thought you did! Why yes, I believe that’s what aspirin is for. 😛