There was once some people who found this blog by searching ‘Will #c25k make my legs skinnier’. I laughed as I was in week two and mine certainly hadn’t gotten any skinnier, or toned. They had simply gotten sore. And a little crampy. I sighed and wondered if my legs WOULD ever get skinnier. Or if my legs would even get me past week two. It seemed hard going. Really hard going. But I knew I would keep trying.

And here I am into Week 5 of the program {eight weeks later!} and I can now answer our random searchers. My legs have indeed gotten skinnier. They are more toned and less flabby. Before, they were plenty flabby. Are they runner’s legs yet? No, not really. But are they the legs of a runner? Yes. I would say so. My running style might resemble a vigorous shuffle, but it’s still running. And this week, I do it for 9 minutes straight on and off.

So there you go. You’re welcome.

Remind me to tell you the story of my dying treadmill trying to kill me.


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