I’m going to tell you something and you should try not to laugh. It’s serious business and has wide reaching impacts. Well, not that wide reaching but it sure feels like it. I have a routine. I like it. It works. All is right in the world. I sail through my day being all charming and alert and on top of my game. Life’s good.

And some days I accidentally fall asleep on the couch mid afternoon for almost 2 hours and it all goes to poo {It’s a hard life}. Because we all know what happens when you nap for too long in the afternoons, right? Well you don’t sleep too well. Last night I wandered into bed close to 2am. And even if I don’t sleep too well I still have to either be at the gym by 7.00 or my office by 8.30 the next morning.

Sleep waits for no woman.

So then, come afternoon, usually after a rather too large lunch, I set up camp to work on the laptop on the couch and IT happens again. I doze off, sometimes putting the laptop, teetering on the edge, at great risk. It’s ridiculous. I’m busy, I’ve got things to do, I can’t be napping. But I’m caught in a cycle of being awake too late and then just not making it through the day. I’m starting to think I’m just the laziest person on the planet at the moment.

Does Winter do that to you too?

  • Yes. I slept for an hour and a half this afternoon… woke in a panic I’d forgotten to pick up the kids… hadn’t but… you know, ick.

  • Whoops did I interrupt your routine with said large lunch today? I am totally shattered after today, I would of loved a nap on the way back home today but a certain husband wanted to be kept entertained so he didn’t fall asleep. Good thing I guess he was the one driving lol.

    • No lovely, I can manage 11am no problem. My poor 1.30pm coffee date was a little less lucky. I kept yawning in her face. Totally charming.

      Glad you got home safe. xo

  • SeasideChik

    I ALWAYS fall asleep. Every afternoon. I have a pesky husband and a nosy 3yo who thinks I die everytime I close my eyes, so it never lasts more than 10 minutes. I’m up at 6am, and I normally don’t sleep till 1-2am. I’m exhausted by 10.30! I’m honestly surprised that I make it till 2.30!

    • Haha. Only slightly longer than 10mins can be quiet a refreshing power nap. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for 5 more minutes for you. 😉

  • Michelle – @skinkindness

    Nice to find your blog. 🙂 I kind of get caught in a similar trap where I crash at 730pm, then wake at 1am for two or three hours, go back to sleep until I have to get up at 530am and then crash again at 730pm! I am super fun to be married to!

    • Welcome Michelle! I hear you. Poor sleeping habits are THE WORST.

      You know what IS super fun to be married too? My hubby was a truck driver on a weekly roster that started Saturday 1am and was issued Friday at 2pm. Sooooo frustrating. So super fun. 😉

  • To be all Serious and Psychological about it 😉 You need to separate work space from relax space, ie: the lounge is for relaxing, so if you are going to use your lap top on the lounge it has to be for fun stuff. If you need to do work on it, set up at the bench or in your office. Sounds cruel i know, but i do the same thing, if I go to my desk, your mind kind of knows its work time and stays more on focus. 🙂

    • I understand that. I know it. I actually think that’s why working in the corner of the coffee place works so well. It’s like, go time!

      Thanks Tony!

  • I am on the opposite. Try as I may I cannot nap, even though I am deadly tired and find myself unable to keep my eyes open, I do not fall into slumber.
    Yet I am still up till late at night. I won’t say super late but I cannot remember a night I haven’t seen my clock hit midnight, and I am woken at least three times during my “slumber” (Greenie, Mr Black’s alarm clock, then the kids getting up of a morning. This doesn’t count any dickwads who want to drive like their car proves how much of a man they are [or lady, whatever], garbage trucks, any sinister noises….)
    Perks of being a light sleeper and one who struggles to fall asleep.
    At least being awake until 2 am means you can write some killer blog posts. I write all my best blog posts (in my head) in the middle of the night. Sometimes I wish I could plug my brain into my computer or a USB or something.
    I have found when I’ve needed to change up my sleeping habits, I change my life for one day. Make myself be really tired. Maybe you could go to the gym in the afternoon, or arrange to catch up with someone at a cafe or somewhere? Even if you go to bed super early, like 8pm, it should help change things?

    • Great idea on the routine change. Might give that a try. I need to do something to shift this. It’s driving me bonkers. You ARE right about the blog posts though. Amazing what shows up at random hours of the night.

      If you figure out that USB thing, hook a sister up. 😉

  • OwlsTeapots ShoesOhMy

    I try and have a shower when I get home from work so that I awake for the evening…..for me an afternoon nanna naps always = crappy nights sleep. And its even worse for a Sunday afternoon snooze…..

  • Kelly Lanfranca

    I WISH I could fall asleep on the couch in the arvo but every time I do my children start yelling at me ‘WAKE UP MUMMY!’ Like its some kind of game. Best they do though, hardly responsible parenting to leave 3 under 5 to fend for themselves! So soak up every minute of the arvo nap, don’t take it for granted, I’d hate to see it cease to exist altogether 🙂

    • Haha. CUTE. I imagine it’s probably frowned upon in the child rearing circles to leave them to fend for themselves, but you could always try the PROVE IT angle if questioned. 😉

  • CBrain

    I suffer from this at night after dinner. I would probably be the same if I was at home for lunch. We try to go for a walk around the block after lunch. Helps so much with being more alert when I get back to the desk, also helps make the food circulate and not just sit in my belly. Now I just need to work on doing the same thing at home after dinner.

  • Tara Lawley Passos

    I’m the same – my routine goes to shit in winter. nothing gets done and I’m constantly tired. Getting up in the dark is hard!

    • Absolutely! And around here lately because of the rain, it’s still dark well in the sixes!

  • I have gotten caught in that cycle, however, the best thing to do is just be tired for one afternoon. I find that is the only thing that works for me!

    • I’m working on it here this afternoon. Perched in my office, trying to keep my eyes open. Thank goodness Facebook is being a little bit entertaining. Haha.

  • OMG this sounds like me … I have been anemic for so long I forget what it’s like to not be tired … but that should improve now I’ve had a hysterectomy to solve the source of the problem … looking forward to being able to power on all day every day!

    • Yeah, we deal with not absorbing iron very well in our family, yet some of the uncle’s have that blood thing where you have to have blood removed because of too much iron. Weird, huh? I hope you’re powering on in no time!