This year we were determined to get out more. See more of what our beautiful country has to offer and take advantage of our car being a Hybrid and us being able to get away whenever we like. Sort of. The first {and turns out only major one, so far} road trip into the calendar was the trip south for Amanda’s 30th Birthday and Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia with a generous 7 days between. Hubby and I had planned a road trip or two. The first was to Katoomba. It turns out when our GPS fell of the dash it was sending us home via Putty Road instead. We ended up eating our picnic in the park at Singleton before heading back to Dani’s house.

My man, he’s a clown. Above was him pouncing on a crocodile in the playground at Singleton. And below is him in front of the welcome to Broke sign acting broke. After our shopping adventures, he might be right. Let me tell you. Haha. What is it about holidays that makes you go nuts on the shopping front? Is it just us, or does it happen to everyone? But my point, is how much fun is Hubby, seriously, I’ve fallen in love with him all over again on this trip. He’s mad, but he’s my favourite.

I was surfing around online before we left and came across 17 Sundays new range on the iconic, 17 Sunday BASIC. Basic, well made pieces for the plus size woman. I wrote on their Facebook wall saying what a great idea it was, how much I adore the pieces they have now and look forward to future ones. When they heard I was staying at Dani’s and were preparing to send her a parcel to review, they added a few items for me. I received the Tunic dress {show here}, a stripe body con dress and some shorts. I adore them. So at the first chance I threw on my dress because it’s just about perfect for a road trip in 30+ degree heat.

This is me showing off my dress, showing off the view from Putty Road. You know what, after seeing what we saw, I’m glad our GPS went a little mental. Not that Katoomba wouldn’t have been nice, I’m sure. But Putty road was something special. We both love to drive and the winding roads were awesome. Even if I don’t do so well as a passenger and was feeling a little squeamish. Blah. Car sickness. At the base of the range {hills?} we spent a while at the Truck Driver memorial. Hubby used to drive trucks and I looked at that wall and felt all my worst nightmares come true. Memorials are hard.

Dress – 17 Sundays BASIC {gifted}
Sunnies – BigW
Necklace – Lovisa
Sneakers – Converse

{some brand associations exist, please see my disclosure policy}

And THAT is part one of my road tripping story. There is SO much to cover I’m having a little worry about getting it all written down before I forget all the awesome things we did and saw and the people we met. Seriously, sometimes you just have to get in a car and drive. Find what you can find. See what you can see. Wear a comfy dress while you do, it’s the best. Ha!

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    I’m so looking forward to our cross country road trip next year when we move. Just us, Ruby the dog, the car and the open road, plus we both get to tick things off our Bucket List – driving the Nullarbor for hubby and driving the Great Ocean Road for me.

    We do a lot of driving anyway but there is NOTHING like a great road trip!


    • Oh yes! We want to drive the Nullarbor. My Dad did it on a bike once. I can’t wait to hear all about it. There really is NOTHING like a road trip. Fun!

  • Hmmm had I known those connies were sitting in your car at my place I might of had to of gone on an undercover midnight mission. Looking comfy and fab Hun. X

    • Thank you. I know right!? Haha. I hid them from you, I was suspicious of such an attack.

  • mumabulouis

    I am a little bit in love with your converse sneakers – great colour.

    • Me too! And they were on the clearance rack. YAY. One of the only times it pays to have giant feet. Haha.

  • Oh I love that dress! And the shoes! Glad you are having a good trip 🙂 I feel the same way about truckie memorials- my hubs used to drive them too.

    • Thank you! It’s a new favourite that’s for sure. The shoes too actually. We did, it was wonderful. A bit sad to be back home now, but such is life.

      Oh I hear you. HARD.

  • I would love to go on a roadtrip but we haven’t made it happen yet. Maybe next year is the year it happens. I’m still quite new to driving after all (only 1.5 years). Love that dress though. I love wearing skirts but really would like to wear dresses too. Just haven’t found a casual/business casual dress yet that feels right for me.

    • Road trips are SO much fun! Lots. Do waht you can to plan one, it was a laugh and a great way to see parts of where I live.

      Ahh yes, the old casual/business casual dress issue. My picks are this new range I love this dress and the stripe layering dress. AND the two tunic dresses. I also like Virtu, who have a larger collection of a bit more formal, but can easily be dressed down dresses. Good luck!

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