I saw these online and knew I had to have them. Red jeans. Good looking fit. Swooooon. Virtu were kind enough to send me through a size 22 and 24 because my measurements were pretty borderline despite me being a pretty consistent size 22. they arrived and the debate started on Facebook, Instagram and in my house over which was the better fit. How much would they give? Did I prefer a nice fit at the waist or on the legs? Which ones were basically up my crouch. You know, the usual.

In the end I went with the 24. They fit beautifully straight out of the wash. No uncomfortable stretch them in time. Probably being, within a few hours pf sitting, they’re too big. By the end of Blogopolis they were positively baggy. So my Hubby owes me new ones. Lucky they are bringing out a blue, mint green and pink pair. however, as you can see, they pinged back into size with a wash. I’m even a little tempted to toss them in the dryer and see if that brings them down a peg or two.

Short version of this whole tale is I love these jeans. I want them in all colours and they are comfortable as heck to wear. Not too mention cool. I kept it simple here and paired them with big hair, a black tee and leopard print heels. My first foray into animal print. Like, ever! A lot of people have been asking me how to style coloured jeans, so I’ll be doing a piece on that shortly. Until then, I recommend with black, white and nude colours. And now, for the butt shot {cringe!}.

Jeans – Vitru {gifted}

Shoes – Emerson for BigW {purchased on sale for $15!}

Top – Autograph

{For more information refer to my disclosure policy}

  • Karen

    Coloured jeans are the best. I picked up a hot pink and mellow yellow pair in spring and I wear them all the time.
    You’re rocking that red, dear! Especially with the leopard print heels.

    • They are very much the best, right!? So much fun. Hot pink and yellow! Wooow. Jealous!

      Thank you. The heels were on sale for $15! Can’t beat that.

  • woot wooooo!
    you know im partial to the butt shot myself 😉

  • Nice! Go you!

  • Sarah White

    I love the coloured jeans and you look fabulous. You call that big hair though?! lol. It needs at least another inch:)

    • Thanks Sarah. Haha. Ok, so it might not be big hair, but there’s a lot of it. 😉

  • Kelly Lanfranca

    LOVE the red jeans! They look hot! I wanna get me a pair… Score on the Big W shoes too. Man, I could use some new shoes.

    • They’re fabulous, aren’t they! Thank you. The blue is instore now too. 😉
      I just hit the sales. I’m an 11 so they’re always left over. Win!

      • Kelly Lanfranca

        Ooh blue!? Very nice 🙂 Sadly I am a bang on average size 7 shoe so they’re always sold out by the time I get there.

        • Yes! Exciting huh.
          For once, I’m grateful for my larger than average foot. Woot. 😉

  • Ellie

    Look bloody awesome with those awesome shoes.

  • Gayel Stewart-Airs

    How awesome do you look?? Love those jeans and heels together…so has Suger considered running online shopping expeditions for the sometimes hopeless fashion lover??

    • Would love to. Let’s do it! Online style consultations.

      Haha. Thanks! Loving the combo. I might even venture into a little more leopard print. Maybe. 😉

  • Ooh, love ’em! I am a bit late to the coloured jean party, but last week went and bought a whole stack cause my Big W finally had some! This are really lovely. You look great in red, and great in such colourful ‘bottoms’!

    • Thanks Talia. They’re such a great fit, these jeans. I’ve just ordered the blue on the site and looking forward to adding them to the rotation. Someone told me yesterday that their BigW had heaps..!! They must have restocked them after virtually selling out.

  • Work it, work it, work it. Step, step, step, pivet, turn.
    You look awesome. Love the animal print. You know what I say about leopard print…..it goes with everything. Great styling. X

    • Haha. Thanks Trudie. I know they say it, but I never really believed them. 😉

  • They are coming out in a mint green and pink!? SOLD! I think i’m going to have to find a virtu store to see what I look like in them (I always look weird in pants). I loved the red on you at blogopolis, they looked great, even when a little baggy. I like how you styled this, red+leopard=hot!!

    • I know, right!? I just got the blue ones. Might have to make another request of the brand one of the others. Can’t keep spending all my blog revenue on coloured jeans. 😉

      Thank you lovely. xo

  • Charm White

    mint green! Yes please!

    Smokin’ hot, lady x

  • sheribombblog

    Great outfit, the plain block of the top goes so great with those va-va-voom pants and THOSE SHOES!! You know I will always say yes to leopard!! Great combo!

    • Thanks Sheri. I did have a sneaking suspicion this would be right up your ally. 😉

  • Grace

    God, you’re hawt! Love how you wear those red hot jeans with great flair and confidence. Those shoes are sooooo right NOW! x

    • Naaaaaw. Love your guts! The way I figure it, if you’re not going to wear the heck out of them, why where them..? 😉

  • I’m so pleased I found your blog! Its tough for big girls to find any type of clothing, but you put it all together and show us how its done! Thanks doll face! x

    • I’m glad you did too!! Thank you. I try. Sometimes it doesn’t go that well at all. Haha.