Spring went and sprung and things start to heat up, how the heck are you going to make the most of all those coloured jeans you purchased for Winter? ALL. THOSE. COLOURED. JEANS!? Or was that just me? Putting this outfit together, cuffing the jeans was an essential part of making them lighter, more fitting of the season. Loose fitting top, strappy heels complete the look. Don’t you think tan is Spring’s black? I think so. Or navy would be, but I haven’t owned a navy pair of shoes since goodness knows when and well, I have enough shoes for now. Or so I hear.

As far as I am concerned you can wear a light weight jean like this all year round. Make sure you’re comfortable and just go for it. Especially if the budget doesn’t stretch to adding capri’s or cropped pants to your wardrobe, just roll up the hems of your jeans {maybe iron them, if you’re that way inclined} and hey presto, simple spring pants. I think the looser fit of these jeans makes for a great casual pant. And if you’re anything like me, I can’t stand tight clothes when it heats up. Ick. No thanks!

Now that you’re all sorted as far as building an outfit like this for yourself, let’s talk about these photos! Holy smoke these pics. Gorgeous. Everyone say thank you Danimezza! She took them for me in an outfit photo blitz while I was here. Let me just tell you Aussie Curves is looking a little flashy from here until December! You won’t recognise me, this girl has skill!

PLUS isn’t this location just all kinds of amazing!? The mission was to find somewhere with a rural-esque background, maybe a fence and some white horses loitering in the background. At one stage during our country drive we spotted a paddock with a donkey in it and almost settled for that {for comedy’s sake, mostly} but we kept driving. As soon as we rounded the corner, we both LOVED it, Dani took a closer look and deemed it suitable and off we went. Snapping photos on the corner of a busy intersection for the world to see. Lucky, it was absolutely worth it.

Take that normal holiday snaps, Danimezza and her camera just kicked your ass.

I always, always do a lot of giggling when it comes to posing in front of the camera for anyone who’s not Hubby. My wedding photos are full of everything from small giggles to full-scale, see the back of my mouth laughs. Some of its nerves, some of it is the awkward and a lot of it is I like to laugh. Seriousness does my head in, especially when it’s taking myself too seriously. And heck, there are worse things in this world than lots of photos of yourself squinting, teeth bared and laughing your biggest belly laugh. Waaay worse.

Trying out different poses, being coached by Dani to really get the angles and looks for my face and body right I tried a lot of stuff. Dani is the boss of this. So patient, I was annoying myself half the time and she was cool. I get shy, which I almost never do. Okay, I soooometimes do. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s to trust Dani to do her thing and make me look gooood. Even when the photo below happened, followed shortly after by the one below that! You’ll laugh, I do, every time I see them. I love them and I LAUGH!

{Hair band, Dani hates that! Sorry hun}

Top – Lily & Lou for Best & Less
Jeans – Virtu {gifted} – More colours
Heels – eBay

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

Photos by Danimezza

  • Amy Wells

    I love the dorky-chic thing you have going in these pics! And your jeans, love those too…

  • Just beautiful Mel. Seriously .. what a team you and Dani make? x

    • Thank you Nikki, we do, absolutely make a fab team. Wait there are more and they are gorgeous. Seriously considering a monthly visit for outfit photo content. Hubby’s not so keen even though he’s having a great time.

  • This is all kinds of awesome but how can it not be with an awesome chick in front of the camera and an awesome chick behind the camera!!

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    Gorgeous as always both the photographee and the photographer and yup I just made a word up 😉

  • Leisa Flanigan

    Lovely photos, looked like you had fun :))

  • Woah. Lookin good! She needs to take Kelvy out for some lessons 😉

  • So. Much. Fun.

  • The 4th photos (the large one) was the one I mentioned on FB that I think is just lovely!

  • sheribombblog

    Cuuute! This outfit could so easily be turned into a nautical look as well with some comfy boat shoes and a white belt and/or chunky white accessories!! Maybe even a neck scarf if you’re feeling really fun.

    • I think you are absolutely right! If we had been closer to the beach it probably would have been themed that way. And yes, I think i would totally wear a scarf. 😉

  • Stunning. Stunning. STUNNING.