rebel wilson steal her style

Steal her Style is a weekly session where we rip of the best curvy style to be found on the interwebs; celebs, tv characters and more. I’ll even tell you more about how to make the look work in your wardrobe. This is the first post and I might change the format as we go along, but for now I like it. I love it in fact and I think you will too. So without further ado, here we go!

For the first edition I choose Rebel Wilson, how could I not? She’s fat, feisty and fun. All my favourite things. She has a sense of humour and that is evident in her clothing choices. In my opinion Rebel could absolutely go a little further in her personal clothing choices and match her big personality. But each girl to their own and when not dressed in character her clothes are modern, fun, shapely and cool. So here we go.

I mean come on, who doesn’t love Rebel?


The look.

Rebels look is just as much fun as she is. She doesn’t shy away from colour or figure hugging outfits and always accessorised with her killer fringe {bangs!} and smile. I tried to grab a wide selection of the different outfits from those available online. Casual and lots of red carpet, some from magazine articles. All easy to replicate in your style at home. There are a few key ideas;

  • Wear colour. Add a pop with shoes or accessories or go all out but if you’re going to steal Rebel’s style, you’re going to need colour.  That jewel tone dress in the top right corner is such a winner!
  • Wear clothes that fit the body you have now! Always well fitted and styled Rebel wears clothes that fit well and if my experience is anything to go by, this makes clothes more comfortable and easy to wear. So do that.
  • When in doubt keep it simple and smile. You hardly ever see Rebel with a million and one things going on. So if you’re looking in your wardrobe and feeling a little overwhelmed start there. Classic style is never out of fashion.
  • Have fun! We all know that interview where Rebel was wearing massive rings with her name on them and claimed they were a gift from a man in prison. It was a cheeky story to go with an out of the box style choice. Don’t be afraid to dress up or have fun.

Rebel Wilson Steal Her Style Collage

Where to shop.

Now let’s shop ladies, I chose a few items from around the interwebs that made me smile. Fun and cheeky pieces that will add a sense of humour to any wardrobe. There are even a formal dress or two to get you over the line with red carpet style, should the need arise. Haha.

Rebel Wilson Steal Her Style Shopping Collage

Top Row: Burger Jumper, Scalloped Lace Dress, College Bomber Jacket, Spot Jeans
Bottom Row: Blue Skinny Jeans, Cozy Hoodie, Lace Sleeved Dress, Casual Sundress

 Do you love Rebel’s style? Who should be featured next?

EDIT: Want to shop Rebel’s Torrid  Collection? You’re welcome, head over here

  • Kim

    She does have a real spunk about her!! I love that she looks comfortable in all her outfits! Her smile is defenately her best accessory!
    I love the look you pulled together! Im going to add some of them to my wish list! Thank you.

    • That she does. Love her smile, she reminds me a bit of Liv from Wait Until the Sunset especially now Liv has a fringe.

      Thank you! Happy shopping. That stripe dress and those jeans are on my list!

  • Sarah Collins

    Love Rebel, she’s funny and awesome. Really want one of her t-shirts!

    • Agree. I know, me too! They’re so cool. I want the cupcake boobs one.

      • MaggieSnarkface

        I’ve got it and it’s awesome! I kinda want the donut one too.

  • I have loved Rebel since her days on Aussie comedy shows but haven’t been paying much attention to her fashion since she went gangbusters in the US! Great post, really sums up her style and made me appreciate how good she looks next to the stick-figures on the red carpet 🙂
    Meanwhile… spotty jeans! What a find.

    • I agree. What a legend she is. Her style has really developed in the last few years, before that it was very much a character dressing sort of thing.

      YES! Spotty jeans ftw.

  • Jess

    Love this post soo fun! I’m looking forward to the next one already :p I would to see a piece on Adele, Magda or even Beth Ditto!

    • Thank you! I’m loving all the outfit scoping out online and the trying to find pieces that match it. Very fun. Glad you’re enjoying it too. And AWESOME suggestions, I’m opening a file for these ladies now.