Sometimes I forget to really talk to people. To sit down face to face and REALLY talk to them. Lately I’ve been getting signs to do just that. First it was a conversation, similar to this post, about how connected we all seem what with social media and emails and texts. All that stuff. But how lonely so many of us feel. We decided, it’s the real conversation stuff that was missing. Agreed and parted ways, bellies warm with coffee drunk.

And I went back to what I was doing before.

Feeling the way I felt before.

Then last night I watched the gorgeous {and mad as heck} Bear Grylls. He was climbing some section of the Alps with a UK comedian. A tall lady with a show about being clumsy and odd. She struggled through the whole mission with the charming Bear being all charming the whole way. During the camp out they spoken like you only ever do around a camp fire. They bonded. then slept in a teeny tiny tent together.

One part of the conversation struck me as my next reminder. Bear says to lady comedian {I cannot remember my name for me LIFE!} that he enjoys this part of his job most. Being out with people under the stars, talking and bonding. Sharing stories and life around the fire. They lamented the same thing I am here, the difference between being in contact and being in communication. I nodded. I know, I though. It’s different.

And I went back to what I was doing before.

Feeling the way I felt before.

Then this morning, feeling a little out of the loop with people. I went to the gym and my gym buddies and I talked shopped. Shared our goals and talked about really getting behind each other. I felt good. Then I received a text from my husband, he was going to the Dr. I didn’t even know he was sick. I felt the gap from my husband so I demanded time to talk. We agreed to meet in our kitchen at 6 tonight and really catch up. Hug lots and close the gap. Then my brother and I went out to lunch and we made the time to REALLY talk. No work stuff, no lame stuff. Really talked.

And I went back to what I was doing before.

Feeling way different to how I felt before.

Are you in contact or in communication with people?

  • Serialstyler

    I watched that too. Her name (and her show) is called Miranda. I highly recommend her show, I have tears rolling down my eyes watching it.

    • Ooooo, thank you for THAT! Hubby and I couldn’t remember and were so disappointed in ourselves. Mostly because we wanted to watch it again, and find her show. So thanks!

  • I think the hardest part is Mel, when you sit down to try and really talk with the people you used to talk to, and nothing comes out,
    You have to realize that life has changed and its time to move on.
    So you go back to doing what you were before and feeling worse than you did before!
    (Not with my wife, don’t panic, lol)

    • Yes, sure, when too much time as passed this can happen. Or it’s not even a time thing sometimes, I think, you can just be in different places now. Don’t feel bad, such is life. Sometimes people pass on through our lives.

      {glad to hear it’s not with your wife! xo}

  • I’ve notice something similiar. Lately instead of texting friends, I’ve tried to call a different person every day and have a talk. I think some of them have been a bit suprised but pleasently!

    • It’s funny that you get this pushes to do something different. I think if I was your friend and I received a call I’d be very happy indeed.

  • Miranda is hilarious!

    I know what you mean about not being in contact. I have become a total hermit this year and I actually freaked out about it a few days ago. A few friendships have fizzled out because we’re just not all in the same place anymore and I feel like I am ‘in-between’ i.e. not single, going out a lot but not married with kids. I feel like i don’t fit anywhere at the moment and it’s upsetting. One thing I have found is that my true friendships have been strengthened and that’s amazing…but sometimes I feel like i don’t have a ‘group’ anymore. Mr BB is in much the same place, too, and we both feel like in a year or two our lives will fit with more people and we’re happy with the wonderful people we do have for now. Not sure if that makes sense? It’s just a weird stage.

    The other upshot of my hermitnyness was that I used FB and texts and a communication channel and I realise it wasn’t enough. I’ve started sending direct emails or calling people and it’s really reopened communication with them and we’ve ended up making much more time to see each other in real life and it’s been great x

    • This is it exactly. Always fun to fb etc but sometimes it take a visit or a call.

      And believe me, I understand what you mean about that inbetween stage, this is our 8th year.

  • river

    I suck at talking. small talk stymies me, conversational clues elude me, chit-chat is a lost cause.
    I cannot talk to people easily. Not to anyone, not about anything.

    • I’m sure you’re not that bad. I plan to test this theory one day. Until then, let’s stay in contact through here. 😉

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