Work, work, work. Office, my house, Gloria Jeans office and from my phone in the car park. Emails, posts, photos and my real estate duties. My roles are pretty diverse. I’m a real estate sales assistant by day and blogger by night. In fact, the balance is starting once again to tip towards blogger. Full stop. This Thursday the talented and cool Bambi Wixon is coming to my house with Madame Rogue, another fab local blogger and a make up artist to boot, in tow. They will be here to take some photos for the upcoming Gympie Women in Business magazine. So I cleaned up my office. As you do. It turns out that when I move that black thing on the right to where it lives, this could be a good indoor spot for outfit photos. So hey presto. Here some are!

Skirt from Virtu 

Basic White Tee from Autograph

Cardigan from Mix Apparel

Grey ruffle wedges from Big W

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  • Janet Camilleri

    I have a skirt like that! Except in black and cream. They’re great – always look stylish and so comfy!

    • It’s certainly that Janet. I love this skirt. Virtu has a blue one too that I’ve been eyeing off a while. Maybe after I get home from my trip to Sydney next weekend. 😉

  • Sarah White

    I love this outfit on you. All topped of with your cool bun! I’m growing mine just so I can have one:)

    • Thanks Sarah! I almost cut it off the other day. I’m glad I didn’t, I’m enjoying having long hair for the first time in a LONG time.

  • river

    That’s a fabulous outfit! I love the raspberry colour and it goes so well with the tee and stripes.

    • Thanks River. Loving this colour too. You just don’t see it around much.