Evening folks! So here I am on the kinda of Sunny Gold Coast {which has been MOSTLY sunny and warm} spamming you all with ProBlogger Training Event snaps and notes. I don’t know if many of you know this but the Budget Fashionista AND Confident You post series came about after the event last year. I had these big ideas. Lots of them. And bit by bit they just poured out of me. I feel a bit the same now. Keen to get the ideas out of my head and onto the page. But that’s getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the beginning. 


I managed to get my advertising complete early with the help of my fab and uncharacteristically helpful agents. They were as excited as I was that I was taking a break, heading to the beach and probably getting out of their hair. I packed the car to the gills and went for it. A cruisy trip along the highway a few hours and I was set. Dinner and a few wines with the ladies was on the cards and we had loads of fun chatting until the wee hour of the morning. Girlie sleepover style. Score.


Kicking off with an 8am wake up call {whoops, maybe a bit keen} we got our gear on and headed off to the beach. Dani and I splashed in the waves, Liv let Queensland down by being a sooky la lah girl and refusing to enter the water because it’s too cold! Slack. Seriously. I asked her to hand in her Queensland card immediately. Then we went back to the pool, sunned ourselves and generally had a great time.

Then the headache I’d been nursing on and off for the last week {dehydrated, perhaps?} came raging on and I was almost sick over lunch. So while the ladies went for a shop, I went for a nap. Nurse Olivia recommended Powerade but there was none to be found. I curled up, slept and awoke feeling better but not. The short version is that come the Blog Chicks event that night I felt okay, certainly not great, but I went and had an amazing time meeting wonderful bloggers.

Even if I was a hot mess with glassy eyes and a desire to drink litres of soda water. So if you saw me, I wasn’t carrying the plague. Promise! But there was time for outfit photos, of course. Fashion bloggers be like, of COURSE.

17 sundays atari print pants plus size-2 17 sundays atari print pants plus size-3 17 sundays atari print pants plus size-4 17 sundays atari print pants plus size-6 17 sundays atari print pants plus size-5

Black T-Shirt – Target
Atari Baby Pants – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Ankle Strap Wedges – Target {gifted}
Necklace – Markets {borrowed from Liv}
Bag – From a gift bag


17 sundays atari print pants plus size-1


And just like THAT Friday was here.

We awoke refreshed, ready and raring to go. Seriously. After all the sickness and struggle the day before I felt much better. I dragged on my stripe bodycon and I was set. Meeting new people is something that comes to me pretty easily these days. Hugging old people, the ones I’ve met before not the elderly, is even better. Eeeek. When did THAT happen. Dani and I set off the the conference room and settled into our seats for what was going to be a pretty darn awesome day.

And I might just leave you there and come back tomorrow. But first, the outfit! WOOHOO.

Stripe Inspire Bodycon plus size conference outfit-3 Stripe Inspire Bodycon plus size conference outfit-2 Stripe Inspire Bodycon plus size conference outfit-5 Stripe Inspire Bodycon plus size conference outfit-6 Stripe Inspire Bodycon plus size conference outfit-4 Stripe Inspire Bodycon plus size conference outfit-1

Dress – Inspire via ASOS Curve {sold out online?}
Shoes – Evans Clothing
Bag – Target Australia {gifted- sold out online}
Jacket {tucked in bag} – Virtu 



  • I love the Atari Baby pants – that print is so delicious!

  • Olivia

    Maybe it was just general lack of sleep! And man, that water was cold everyone- OKAY? IT WAS COOOOLLDDD!!!

    • Maybe you’re right. I’m happy to go with your medical opinion. You know from now on and always.

      Shakes head. Oh dear. 😉

  • I love the atari pants on you, I have the jacket. But I’m not loving it, I feel like I too short for it. I’ll keep experimenting. So great to meet you last night, for reals. Hope you’re head didn’t hurt too much x

    • Thanks Louisa! It is quite a billowing item. Maybe try cinching it over the top with a belt so you don’t feel so swamped in fabric or knot it up or something. The print is too wonderful to not wear it.

      SO great Louisa and thanks again for my little package when you wear leaving. They kept me well fed on my way home. I did okay actually. Lots of water, some nurofen {I never take the stuff!} and lots of sleep and I was much better.

  • Trudie Bristow

    The pants are super cool. I liked how you went for a tiny pop of colour with the dress with yellow earrings. So looking forward to hearing some pearls of wisdom from conference. I quite seriously killed me not being able to attend.

    • They’re SO great. I loved this print from the moment I saw it released. Basically begged them to send me a pair late one night on Facebook. Said I may die if I didn’t own those pants. HA. Errr, awkward.

      Glad to get the chance to catch up. So wonderful!

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  • Love love love those pants! And the yellow earrings with the dress are amazing. So glad you had so much fun with your friends!

    • They are THE BEST. Seriously. Such a great cut and style if you have a similar shape to me. And easy to wear too. Such a win. Thanks hun. xo

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