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Are we going to have the printed pants on plus size women discussion again? Probably. Every single time I wear printed pants someone tells me I’m brave. Let me tell you, wearing pants isn’t brave, they are pants. Let’s get some perspective here. I’d love to be called brave, but not for wearing pants. Thanks anyway. But what was my point?

Oh yes!

Ladies who have never tried a pair they liked, are usually the ones to have the conversation about printed pants. If this is you, I encourage you to look again. Slim fit or slouchy. There is a pair that will work for you. I really love the style of these and are indebted to 17 Sundays for continuing to feed my addiction to such things. Try lots. Find the ones that appeal to you AND look great. They are the ones.

I hate to brag but printed pants came easily to me. I embraced them in patterns and florals. Sort of stripy ones too. The more relaxed fit, peg pants style, the better. The shirt doesn’t bother me either; I’ll wear them with tucked shirts, long layers and everything in between. Printed pants never get old for me.

Get on board!

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Chambray Shirt – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Rockaway Beach Printed Pant – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Printed Slides – Target Australia

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  • As my kids would say,”you got swag!!” 😀 Where do you shop?! It’s so difficult to find stylish garments that don’t look frumpy!

    • Haha. Swag, huh? Nice.

      As far as shopping goes, I try to include shopping links with every post so you can go directly to the items included. Otherwise I have a section of the blog called ‘where to buy’ link in top menu and sidebar under shopping, that will give you lots of tips for places to shop. Enjoy! Tell your bank account I said sorry. 😉

  • Kelly NH

    I love mine! I do monochrome though. Im kinda minimal with my wardrobe (capsule wardrobe) and I find my black & white printed ones work well for both work & home.
    I love the prints that 17 Sundays do. Classic, but modern too.

    • Sooo good. I always say they are the fashion way of wearing your pj’s outside. Such a win. And yes, I’m a raving fan of the 17 items. Claire does amazing prints every time.

  • I needed this post! lol. I have a pair of black and white ones that I just love but am to scared to wear out in public. x)

  • Natalie

    Oh man I love how well this shirt adds a dose of masculine to those ‘girly’ print pants, oh and you have nailed that half tuck Mel! xo

  • Late to the discussion but oh how I love printed pants. And brightly coloured pants. And even better brightly coloured printed pants. I just can’t get enough of them. I also never met a stripe I didn’t like as the gent likes to put it. Predictable? Maybe. But it’s so fun to just have a staple combo to reach for.