I don’t know how many of you have been into Poker Machine {Pokies} lounges lately but they are pretty darn fancy! Comfy chairs, dim mood lighting and coffee machines. Seriously, sometimes I like to go hang out in there after particularly difficult days at work and just soak it up. Long gone are the days of the smelly, ciggie laden sticky rooms. Pokie rooms got fancy. So I lounge about, flitting from machine to machine, keeping my coins firmly in hand. I’m a hoteliers worst nightmare.

I drink the coffee.

Sometimes I even eat the cake.

If it’s fresh and carrot.

I enjoy the ice water and comfortable chairs.

It doesn’t mean I’ll spend my money. I don’t.

This round goes to me. Take THAT pokies.


What a strange little post this turned out to be. That happens around here sometimes. I read them and think, really, this is an overdone Facebook status. Possibly unworthy of a mention but somehow essential to include. There are lots and lots of small daily experiences swirling in my head asking for their own space to be recorded. To be written. To exist somewhere. So I’ll let them out. If that’s what they want. I’ll let them out and lay them here for safe keeping.

Even the small, strange ones, with no real place in the world.

That, after all, IS blogging.

  • Carly Findlay

    What do you think of the people who while their days away at the pokies? So sad. The pokie venue operators have probably made the venues more comfortable and appealing to make gamblers stay longer.

    • I think it is sad. This feels like my own little revenge against the way they hold people in these places. Encourage them and reward them for what is essentially an addiction.

  • Ha ha nice one. Don’t the gaming room attendants give you evil looks? My friend used to work there and she said if you weren’t playing, they tried to move you on! always trying to get a buck!

    • Thank you. It’s a bit of a rebel moment. Suger’s revenge. And I’d like to see them try and move me on. I’m sure they could. But I’d like to see them try. Baahaha.

  • sydneyshopgirl

    I’m a big fan of the extended fb status post myself.

    SSG xxx

  • Michelle

    Oh no, those places are full of sad lonely people spending money they don’t have!

  • Patrick weseman

    When I go to Las Vegas, I just sit a cafe and watch people gamble or I might bet a couple of dollars on a horse and walk around and watch people lose their money. It is great for people watching.

    I do have one good gambling story: When I was in Australia, I stayed at a B&B in Williamstown outside of Melbourne. I can’t name three horses here in the states, but the owner asked me to go in with him on a pick three in a race there. I gave him $20 for my half and I ended up winning like $300. I was pretty happy.

  • sheribombblog

    The dim lighting bothers me the most. I read once that those places are designed that way on purpose. So people don’t notice the time passing. So that you don’t see the sky turn from sunshine into night time and you’ll just keep feeding the slot. It’s a bit sad. But I did win $150 once at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. I rarely play the pokies, mainly because I rarely win, but we were down for a weekend away and thought we’d have a little go. With a budget of course. But I’d only put in a few dollars when I won. It was a penguin machine. I remember that. But mostly I remember being SO excited because I NEVER win! haha

    • I would believe that. It’s all a rouse to get people to spend more and spend often.

      I never win either! I hardly ever play, so that helps.