There is something to be said for having people around you who get who you are. Not tolerate it. Not deal with it. Nope. They just get you and that’s it. Love you for it. Celebrate you for it. It’s all kinds of wonderful. I was lucky. I was born into a group of people {a rather large group} of people like this. My family, both my Mother and Father’s sides are amazing. If anything, they bring it out in me.

I know what a gift it is to get to be completely yourself. I do. Imagine this for me. Imagine the feeling of flying and knowing that there is someone there to catch you. Always. Full stop. It sounds wanky and clichéd and all of that. But it is. I hope that YOU know the feeling of knowing that someone has your back.

So I was just busting with gratitude today. And now it’s all over you. Sorry about that. Ha.

Please tell me you have someone who gets you?

  • Rhonda Hartman

    I love this post Melissa! I definitely have a group of people where I can be Rhonda, but it’s more rare for me. My husband is one of the people though so I feel really lucky.

  • Nah!! I have a few people, where one person may get 1 part of me but not understand another, but no one that “just gets me” as a whole

  • Alittlespacelikehome

    I love this. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to do with my dad / side of the family and as for my mum’s side, well she is probably the only person who gets me. It used to upset me but now I just surround myself with friends. It’s easier. But I do love to hear of families who truly love and embrace one another.

    • I think wherever you find those people, when you find them, you’re lucky. And don’t get me wrong, sometimes my family do think I’m a big weirdo. But I’m their big weirdo. Haha.

  • Annika Ooh

    Me Three, Four, Five. I love this too! I often worry if people think I’m a dork. But then, I *am* a dork. So be it. 🙂

  • I’ve felt like that with my folks (now just my mum as my dad passed away late last year). She’s my rock. (She says the same about me!) I’d love to have a partner to feel the same way, but it hasn’t happened. *Sigh*

    • Can I say hasn’t happened yet without being a smug pain in the butt? I hope so.

      My parents are such a gift to me too. It’s a special thing.

  • Ninja

    I hope no one gets me, I hope no one sees me!!!

  • Cbrain

    The people who get you will also push you. They know when you are not doing your very best….and we tend to listen more when it comes from someone who gets us.
    I’m so grateful for my husband. AMAZING! He has seen me be bullied at work and has never doubted my ability.

    • That they will. In only the best way. Sorry to hear of your situation, work bullying is THE worst. Such a horrible situation to be in.

  • Kirsty

    “Imagine the feeling of flying and knowing that there is someone there to catch you. Always. Full stop.”

    Love this! My hubby and my parents are the ones that allow me to soar, they’re also the ones to bring me back down to earth when needed 🙂

    • Thank you. Naaaw, quoted me.

      And that’s such great news. I’m glad you have that. xo

  • sheribombblog

    Yeah I got someone like that. That’s why even though we’re broken up we’re still besties.

    • They are worth keeping, in whatever form. It’s a big thing to recognise that even amidst a break up. Especially amidst a break up.