When someone told me black and white was huge for spring I almost peed my pants I was that excited. I like colour. LOVE colour. But I’m a classic black and white girl at heart. It’s just so chic, so simple and so very cool. The longer it’s considered “in” the better for me. Though you won’t see me calling it “out” anytime soon.

Something else I don’t seem to tire of lately is the old pattern clash. Dani reminded me once of pattern clash week for last year’s Aussie Curves set of challenges and how squirmy I was about it. I like matchy matchy, I said, clashing just doesn’t make sense to me. It turns out though that I love a monochrome clash and I love a stripes with anything clash.

plus size monochrome pattern clash outfit-3

plus size monochrome pattern clash outfit-6

plus size monochrome pattern clash outfit-5

plus size monochrome pattern clash outfit-2

plus size monochrome pattern clash outfit-8

 I know you’re all looking at the heading, then at my shoes, then back to the heading, right? Maybe not, but now you are. Party, you say… In THOSE shoes? and let me tell you that yes indeed these babies are great for a night out on the town. This was a dinner out for a friend’s birthday and some drinks at a bar. But this weekend just gone for my sister’s birthday I danced the night away only peeling them off well after 4am.

Yup. You read that right.

Wedges, what can I say. When it comes to being on your feet, dancing, trekking around and all that, they are essential. More and more I walk away from my pointy, wobbly shoes and choose wedges. I love the height, the curve of my leg in heels but what I don’t love is tripping or slipping on an unknown surface. That’s such an issue for me going anywhere in my big heels. And it’s solved, mostly, by wedges. I love that. And you may have noticed how heavily featured these babies are… Well they’re the best.

plus size monochrome pattern clash outfit-9

plus size monochrome pattern clash outfit-1 plus size monochrome pattern clash outfit-4

Lady Print Top – Best & Less {in store now}
Checkerboard Skirt – ASOS Curve {old stock, more here}
Belt – Autograph Fashion {old stock}
Clutch – Collette by Collette Hayman {old stock}
Wedges – Target Australia {gifted}



  • Amazing pattern clash!!! And wedges are the best to dance like there´s no tomorrow -I cannot take a step in high heels, but wedges are totally my thing. Also, love the shinny belt! I´m still working on incorporate them into my wardrobe.

    • Thanks Gi! Something about these two pieces just told me they should hang out together. Haha. Keep trying, I found belts really tricky to incorporate at first, I’m all about low fuss, but then there are occasions when they make the whole outfit. The cinch here is absolutely required or the shirt is just a blousey t-shirt with no real shape.

  • lisa | renovating italy

    totally love this outfit Melissa, looking fabulous and can’t believe the top came from best n less. My shoes of choice are mountain boots lol x

    • Thank you Lisa! I know, right!? They have had some good stuff lately, still cheap and cheerful of course but more on trend.

      And yes! I imagine they would be. 😉

  • sheribombblog

    Raaahh I LOVE this! I LOVE that skirt and that top! At first I wasn’t sure if I liked them together (I’m still not completely there with the whole clashing thing) but the more I looked at this outfit the more I was like ‘it totally works!’

    Also, in regards to people’s disbelief of that top coming from B&L, this is what I was talking about in my comment the other day about knowing your style & looking for it everywhere, even in the unlikely places! I bought a maxi dress from there just the other day (the black & red one I posted on your Facebook) & I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! Just gotta keep your eye out for the good stuff 😉

    • Thank you muchly! I know what you mean. I always start out with a gah Melissa, just get a plain tee out. But it really does work. I think because {in this case} it comes down to a checkerboard/square pattern in both that works with each other instead of against… Maybe?

      Absolutely right! Look everywhere and try everything on. There’s gems to be found everywhere.

  • Trudie Bristow

    I love, love pattern clashing and I really freakin’ love this outfit. I personally struggle with black and white it’s just too heavy for me if that makes sense. But you my love do it so well. The shirt is awesome the skirt is awesome and those wedges a freakin’ awesome……love it all, love you.

    • It does makes sense. Some people just need tonal variance or something. My skintone loves the solids and the brights. Just about the exact opposite to yours. Haha. No brown for this duck.

      Thank you muchly! The wedges ARE freaking awesome. Of all of this outfit, they are my favourite.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. You rock black and white, and those wedges are divine. I can dance all night in them too. Like pillows or clouds, really! x

    • Thaaaaanks Kymmie! I’m glad, black and white REALLY appeals to me badly. Haha.
      And the wedges, bless their heart, are the best. Such an easy to wear shoe.

  • I love this outfit!!

  • Gush, gush, gush, I LOVE THIS!

  • Cindy15905

    This outfit is sooo rockin! It is the perfect balance of young/cool without being skimpy/trying too hard. I think the way you left the accessories to a minimum is what seals the deal. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!