Yeah. My birthday party has a hash tag, what of it…? Ha. Not much to report as yet, but I thought I’d share some of the inspiration going into the decorating and other theme type things. I did what all modern interwebs type girlies do when there’s an event to plan and started a Pinterest board. It’s been lots of fun and SO easy to find the images when I need them. Have I told you lately how much I love, love Pinterest? Well I do. Now check out the pics. I’m off to the gym. The newsletter will be out at 9:00am. Until later, mwah.

Cassette - b&W motif




Got any NEON party type inspiration you want to share with me? I’d love the link to neon party dresses in particular!  

  • Fun fun, I trying to sort out my outfit too. I know it will be fabulous, have fun planning!

  • I love that is has it’s own hashtag. I’m tossing up between a few outfits. I’m buying Michael a special shirt to wear : ) Yep were a little excited here too!

    • YAY! I cannot wait. I keep threatening Kel with a neon yellow onsie I saw online. Haha.

  • Those ice blocks are super awesome! 🙂

  • whiningattheworld

    I think the ice blocks are awesome, too. How could your party not have its own hash tag?

    • I’m going to be raiding op-shops for ice block trays for the next few weeks to make it possible.

  • Spijkerkat

    Neon, what an awesome theme! Not only is it super fun, but totally on trend, and perfect for an 80s child.
    I’m turning 30 too this year, need to start thinking of some themes!

    • That was EXACTLY why. Easy for people to buy clothes to dress on theme, a nod to the eighties and a nod to this year with neon everywhere. An excellent vintage us 83 babies. 😉

  • Erin

    I am neon OBSESSED. It would for sure be a theme if i were having a bday party. Check out my board on pinterest. Especially the most recent neon pin! Have fun!

    • Haha. Finding it hard to find JUST the right outfit. I can’t wait to check out your board. Yay!