Soooo, these days I get a lot of emails. Like, a lot a lot of emails. When I received one from Coupon Codes regarding their new website, I did what I always do first. I check out their website to see if it will fit with my blog before moving forward. One click and I was hooked. I was in shopping heaven, where discounts are king and SO many places offer FREE shipping.

Looking for a birthday gift, say like a back pack for a junior relative, no worries there are Quiksilver online codes for free shipping. Now I can order online and skip the postage fees. Gosh I hate postage, it’s such a rip off really. My favourite store all ship locally for free. Why shouldn’t they. The costs associated with running a website are WAY less than running a retail outlet with the same margin added to the price of the item.

Errr, cough, what was I talking about. That was a bit of a rant…

Anyway there are discount codes for different brands and loads of them I use all the time. Ezibuy and Vista Print. I even saw a label for Dominos and Westfield. Heck, there’s even an offer for Crocs, you know, if you’re looking LIV! So short version, check it out, I know when I did it lead me down a shopping rabbit hole with its flashy goodness of calling discounts.

You’ve been warned. Haha.

{This post was sponsored by Coupon Codes}

  • Ohh, I think this site could be dangerous to my bank account!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Aaahaha. Yup. I use the cost of shipping to say no to online shopping SOOOOO much, that’s out the window. And did you see the Soul Treads codes!? Yaaaay.

  • MyLifeAsACake

    Great website! Like you though, I scoff at the Free Shipping ‘deals’. Umm, it should be free. Especially when you consider all the money I’ve saved your business by shopping online.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I thought so!

      I KNOW! It drives me bonkers. Less staff, no merchandising, no electricity, no phone lines. Just a web host and a nerd or two. Sheesh.