It started as a conversation with my sister at the gym. With her perky DD boobs wrapped tightly in a sports bra plus crop top, we discussed the fact that I NEEDED a proper sports bra. And so, the search began. We checked Target, Big W and the local sports store. None stocked anything but a minimiser bra over an 18.

So, I opened up the search on twitter.

Brand by brand recommended and page by page visited. High and low I searched. And no, freaking, bras. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to need something like this to be able to enhance my workouts in my mission to lose weight and get healthy? Only to find that to be able to buy a sports bra at all, I need to lose weight!


I’m so annoyed. I contacted some companies. I asked the question. Low demand was the response from most. And I get that, really I do. But what the heck am I supposed to do? Surely within the entire world, there is a sports bra, that I can throw on under my tank top and wear to the gym. SURELY. For goodness sake, this is THE most annoying thing. And yes, I pretty much spent an entire night talking boobs on twitter.


Such is life.

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