You’ve heard me whinge.

You’ve heard me whine.

And sure there isn’t a bra or crop top in sight {yet!}, but Im happeeeeeeeeeee!

Introducing the new Virtu Active range.

Big girls rejoice..!!

This range has cotton tee’s, sports tops, leggings, pants and a jacket. Virtu sent me the Evolution Jacket, the Finesse Tee {cotton} and the Evolution Crop Leggings. As soon as they arrived I ripped them from the packaging and put them one. Sitting around in my lounge room fully decked out for the gym, watching the Olympics made me feel like a bit of a dill. But the jacket especially was so comfortable and warm, I didn’t want to take them off.

Now, let’s talk about the whole leggings riding up in the crouch thing. These leggings are the best leggings I have ever worn. Big call, I know, but seriously. They are. They flatter and hold tight without rolling up or down. I could run, jump, step, lift and stretch in these without any issues. And mine are pretty firmly fitted but I never felt uncomfortable. And then there’s how great my butt looks in them. Sigh. I might wear them every day.

There are flat seems, wondermesh and theย absorbentย fabric that will leave you feeling comfortable and dry for your entire workout. Did I mention I am kind of in love with this range? The cotton tee’s are nice and a comfortable fit, a flattering cut and the colours rock. Even if this orange does wash me out a little. Or that might just be the morning work out time slot. Ha.

To be honest, I’d rather have the Evolution top or polo as they are made of the specialist sports fabric. The fit is good and you should be able to wear your standard size. Maybe go up one if you prefer a looser fit in work out gear. I tried the singlet tops on in store and they are a close fit. I even wore the large {usually more of a medium in tops} and it was tight. I just didn’t think I would be comfortableย workingย out in the gym environment with the tank as fitted as it was on me. Only after I got home did I think of how great it would feel UNDER the cotton tops as additional support. Derr me.

Short version.





To celebrate Virtu has given me one $200 voucher for one lucky reader to stock up on some Active essentials of their very own. Let’s take that in for a minute. With pieces starting at $29.95 you will be all set! Maybe you’ll even have some left over for another piece from the range? The Rebecca top perhaps {I love this tee, and it comes in Lime. Oh my love of neon}.


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  • Brilliant! You look awesome, can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  • MadamBipolar

    My gym gear has holes in it. I bought it in 2009. Time to upgrade methinks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Looks bloody awesome. Would be great to have workout gear that I actually felt comfy in

    • Don’t forget to tell me which you’d like to be in the running. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jode

    I would go with the Leggings, they sound fantastic and flattering!!!

  • Lisa barton-Collins

    I would select the exercise pants because god knows I need them!

  • With a new puppy dog that needs walking multiple times a day and having walking paths virtually at our door step I so need something comfy and mod to wear. The Evolution range rings my bell ;]

  • I seriously love this collection! It’s got me inspired to get my butt off the lounge and actually excersise, not just use my 10kg backpack/laptop combo and my huge university walk-about as an excuse.

    I love the leggings you’re wearing. I like the idea of the flat seams as well, but I actually like the idea of wearing an ‘outfit’ to the gym, not just a pair of old tights and a sloppy t-shirt!
    Ps. Nice butt ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Julie

    Looks great on you! Fabulous.

    • Julie

      Ooh – I should have mentioned that it’s the leggings that get me excited and I would want to buy. They can be SO hard to find.

    • Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stacey Pitman

    I W.A.N.T those Evolution crop pants !!! They even look comfy in the pic ! Sigh suppose I will have to excersice now lol

  • Sarah White

    In all the years I’ve been exercising I’ve never had any ‘real’ work out gear. I (and my crouch!!) think it’s time for that to change:)

    • Don’t forget to tell me which ones and why to be in the running. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh gosh definitely the Evolution crop leggings. FINALLY genuine cropped tights in breathable fabric that doesn’t go see through when you wear it and doesn’t highlight every lump & bump you’re trying to get rid of and have the pocket – I thought I was going to have to chop off a leg to fit into Lorna Jane stuff to be able to have that coin pocket. And you get a discount for ordering bulk and they’re already cheaper than others on the market. Oh my.

  • OH.MY.GOD!!!! These are amazing!!!! I am in desperate need! Be my gym buddy??? I want to tone up for the wedding! xx

    • Haha. Absolutely. But who is going to do the 4 hour round trip per gym session? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • the evolution crop leggings and jacket are fabulous!!! I always feel so much more confident excersing while in clothes that fit and flatter my body. I want to still feel sexy when I’m burning some calories!

  • Trina

    I love the crop pants and the jacket. Oh how I love that jacket!

  • Strings

    I would love the tights and the tank, for support… And maybe the jacket… I’m just excited about the fact that it is affordable, plus size, sport gear!

    (Tightening the Apron Strings

  • I love the evolution tank and cropped pants. The neckline on the tops is sweet and the blue color is awesome too.

  • Strings

    I would love the tights and the tank, for support… And maybe the jacket… I’m just excited about the fact that it is affordable, plus size, sport gear! (Tightening the Apron Strings)

  • how nice it would be to wear leggings that dont move in a direction opposite to the way I am moving… sounds like heaven….jacket would be handy in this cold weather as well

  • Emma Hart

    Looks great on you!

    • Emma Hart

      Oh and I want that jacket! Looks so comfy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I must have the evolution crop leggings! It is nearly impossible for me to find fitted gym pants and there is nothing more annoying than going to town on the treadmill and having your pants flapping around everywhere! I especially love how the whole range teams up to make a really lovely outfit hat I would feel comfortable popping to the shops in before or after a workout!

  • Louisa Gormley

    my first comment on your blog, and I hope its a winning comment! What a fab giveaway, thank you and thanks so much to Virtu!

    • Well welcome along Louisa! Don’t forget to let me know which item and why to be in the running. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Crop leggings … trackie dackies … the jacket … a polo shirt … mmmm I like them all! Maybe if I had active wear it would help me become more active??? And actually exercise??? LOL

  • Melissa Powell

    Love the evolution jacket. Looks good on you!

  • Strings

    Oooh! Exercise gear! I don’t actually have work out gear. I wear a holey old top with my two bras (yep….) and some near-see-through leggings I got from Kmart :/

    I think the support of the tank sounds awesome for my running adventures. And some tights I don’t have to hoist up over my boobs (almost!) to keep them in place would be fantastic!

  • I would like about 500 pairs of the leggings so i can be comfortable for the rest of my life.

  • Anita C

    Your article has sold me on the leggings – I must have them!

  • Lisa

    I would love the leggings and jacket for my big morning walks that have helped me lost over 20 kgs and lose another 20

    • Congratulations Lisa! What a great achievement. Good luck with the next twenty!

  • Kym

    At least if I did win I would have to wear 3 crop tops and a bra to stop movement!! Just everything about this range looks fantastic and really designed for the plus size girls!

    • I know what you mean! I hope one day they do bring out a crop top or bra. How great would THAT be!?

  • Bella

    ZEN pants – sporty yet able to dress it up for casual catch-up’s with friends.

  • Oh how I desperately need a pair of crop leggings/pants. My workout gear is, well, disappointing. i just wear a pair of old trakkie pants!

  • I’d go the Evolution Tank (in black), the Fitness Top in Iris, The Evolution Crop Leggings and the Evolution Jacket so those cold mornings i wouldn’t be so keen to jump in the car and drive the kids to the bus stop i could walk them and take the long route home and do the same on the walk to the bus stop to pick them up of an afternoon.

  • Kristie

    Would love a pair of those legging, they look super comfortable! Getting some Virtu Active clothing might just encourage me to get ACTIVE ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • leggings look good and I have been really impressed with Virtu in the past.

  • LEGGINGS! I want the leggings.please.

  • LInda – lulufroufrou

    The Leggings look fab!! I’d take hose thank you

    • LInda – lulufroufrou


  • The Evolution Jacket would be on must list. It gets very cold and windy round where I live and I love to walk outside.

  • Suzie

    Looking good Suger…I don’t own any gym gear, so talk about spoiled for choice if I was to win…I could go for a whole outfit at their prices…think I might start looking now…thanks for bringing it to my attention…have a sweet weekend!

  • Lizzie

    Ciao t’shirt so I can say goodbye to my daggy gym gear!

  • Cath

    Ok well if I win it’s a bonus as I am sick of looking shabby out walking and I have saved the Virtu activewear on my reading list but just haven’t got my ‘a’ into gear to buy stuff yet!
    Thanks you look great! I am with the leggings cheer squad, trackies be gone!

  • Heather Belle


  • Fingers crossed!

    • Judith, don’t forget to tell me what item you’d want to be in the running! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’d pick the Evolution Crop Leggings, being tall and over weight I always struggle to find comfortable pants and these would be perfect & deffinately inspire me to get back onto the treadmill. No more pulling up uncorfortable pants all the time.

  • My favourite is the Evolution cropped leggings, they are so flattering and great quality as they do not fade and comfy as they stretch and breathe so no sweating and chafing.

  • river

    I love the way that looks! The jacket and leggings, they’d be perfect for riding my bike. I clicked over and had a look at the Rebecca top and I love the shape and the colour range, but I just don’t see the need for a chest pocket on a tee. You can’t put anything in them without spoiling the lines of the garment. I’m going back later and having a look at more of the Active Range.

    • Thanks River. I know what you mean about the pocket. I don’t think it’s meant to be functional though… Or I hope not, because boob would push everything back out. HA.

  • My favourite is Evolution jacket. Its styled to be figure flattering. The cut is fantastic and the quality looks great.

  • chantalhab

    The jacket looks amazeballs on you! I’d love to see what it looks like on me, so that’s definitely the piece I’d select.

  • i would pick the evolution t and leggings. I want my ass to look awesome too!!!

  • I have to admit Suger, I tend to wear super big and baggy shirts that come down to my thighs (like Nike 3XL) but I love the look of the leggings!

  • I think I would pick the jacket and leggings – they look awesome on you ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lisa Seddon

    They look wonderful on you – you are a great model! So happy! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the look of those leggings, they seem really comfy too!! I would love to wear the leggings and the jacket just like you have! You look so good in them!!

    • Thank you Lisa. THANKS!
      Good luck, flattery will get you every where! Haha.

  • Awesome gym styles for us larger and older girls! I love the Zen pants and would team it with the finesse tee and Evolution jacket! With this outfit I’ll look and feel so good at the gym!

  • Cat

    The Ciao tee is hot, and not tight and clingy!!! I love Virtu, they just do what other people can’t – sell decent plus size clothing at a reasonable price.

  • Cher

    It would have to be the jacket, I love it and now actually seeing it on a “real” person rather than a model I love it even more. Just as a side note I have the Rebecca top in lime and is a awesome colour!

  • Your butt does look awesome. I think those pants might be my favourite thing. Love them and I want to be that happy about my butt!

  • Kelly

    The evolution crop pants for sure!!!!

  • Merryl

    I’d select the Zen Pant. I am totally stressed out at the moment and I need some zen in my life.

  • Kaz

    Would love the Evolution jacket. A must have here, it’s still so cold in the mornings (and the afternoons).

  • The evolution crop leggings look amazing on and i bet they’d be super comfy too. Teamed with the finesse tee it’s a winning combo!

  • Sarah Cantarella

    I reckon I’d have to go with the evolution crop leggings because finding awesome workout pants in my size is hard work and they look awesome!

  • Cherie

    OK Suger you win, this has to be the answer to get my butt off of my leopard throne and work to get a smidge off my love handles if I’ve ever seen one! I’ll promise to get active wearing this gorgeous gear once they arrive … for now i’ll sit here with everything crossed … Mmmmm interesting way to start the new getting active me!!

    • Cherie

      Ooops forgot to mention the Evolution Long Pants look perfect for Moi plus you’re looking gorgeous Suger!

    • Haha. Love it! Do you really have a leopard throne? That would be awesome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Traci Sacco

    Oh I love the Virtu Orange Finesse Tee, and the Evolution Leggings look so flattering, might have to go shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • deanwalker27

    I’d have to ask Jess what she would like but are they the infamous shoes?
    Your more game then me Mel…. You team go…

    • I think Jess would like the leggings and the cute ciao tee. Don’t you think?

      These are totally the infamous shoes. Not thaaaaat bad in person. Comfy, so at least that was a win.

      Am I more game because I put my butt on the interwebs?

  • mcchupachup

    The Evolution Tank looks super comfy (for wii fit-ing), with the evolution crop leggings. But the long pants (teamed with the finesse tee) would be great for a morning or evening walk. So, I guess the short answer is -most/all of it! haha.

  • I’d be choosing the evolution crop pants. The pants I have are too bulky, which is totally the reason why I don’t work out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ames

    I’d be giving the voucher to my lovely mum so I’d be letting her choose whatever she wanted.

  • Melissa Madley

    The evolution crop leggings because finding great workout pants in my size is hard work and they look fantastic!

  • Jodie

    Omg how awesome are those pants! I would need them and the jacket and tee, I have just signed up to curves and they would be perfect

  • I would choose the Ciao Tee. Not only are the colours and cut nice…I could feel like I was saying goodbye to the cms while I work out! It’s about time there was some cute exercise gear for extra lovely ladies that didn’t say “athletics department” all over it!! Hooray!

  • Lorraine

    Definitely the Ciao Tee. So cute and the perfect cut for my shape. Cap sleeves are the bane of my life and it’s so refreshing to see exercise gear for real shaped women without tiny sleeves.

    • I agree with that! Don’t mind them in general, cap sleeves, but when I’m working out that length is chaff waiting to happen!

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