Calton Hill Memorial


Arleigh Girl

SIL Jess {otherwise known as Jeppica}

Jazzy is for sale to make room for the new one. Click to image to view ad.

Finally getting the hang of it. Phew. These are unedited pics which just goes to show how beautifully it captures the world. More to come. I plan on taking heaps of photos this weekend. Brunch bribe again? Yeah, probably.


  • Amy

    These photos are beautiful. I’m taking a photography course at uni this semester so hopefully my photo’s are about to improve dramatically.

    And I want your car. How’s ‘for nothing’ work for you? 😛

    • Oooooo! Can’t wait to see some.

      Ah, how ’bout no. Payment plan?

  • Sheri Bomb

    I’m sure this makes me a terrible person but I can’t help but look at the picture of the car and think ‘ooer what a terrible park!’ LOL

    • HA! My brother said the same thing. I did it deliberately! For better photos. Keep up. 😉