Dancing in the streets

Last night Liv and I went to the Fashion Weekly relaunch in Brisbane. I had my new camera with me. So we tested it… It didn’t appear to work. But it turns out, it totally did. All it does is store a bunch of still images into a cute moving picture thing. I’m sure there’s some technical name for it or something. But you should Google it if you’re interested. How much fun IS this.

More about the Fashion Weekly soon. Promise.

  • Danielle

    Thats the slow motion setting goof ball.


    • Thanks! We thought it didn’t work until I downloaded from the card this afternoon. Too fun not to share. Haha.

  • Brittonie

    Oh, that camera is a lovely one isn’t it?! I wish I had the money for it ;; It’s so gorgeous and compact!

    • It’s all kinds of awesome. Save up. They’re already on sale for late $800’s.

  • Oh my gosh! Just like Harry Potter! LOL 🙂
    You have the BEST toys!

  • T for Tabitha

    “All it does is store a bunch of still images into a cute moving picture thing. I’m sure there’s some technical name for it or something.” HAHA. I love your description. It is about as tech-saavy as I am 😉 xx

  • That is so cool!

    Great montage.

    I’m sharing the new camera love over here too. Got me all excited about taking pictures again.

    SSG xxx

    • It’s so amazing! I’m in love with it. Got to love anything that reinvigorates a love for taking photos.

  • Can you upload this to your pictures file, then to your blog? or directly from your camera to your blog? Or do you have to upload it to youtube, then download it to the blog from youtube?
    I have several short videos in my pictures files that I would love to put on the blog, but can’t seem to do it. It’s been suggested that I upload them to youtube, but I don’t know how to do that either.

    • Using blogger you can upload it directly into the post from the same place as you would upload a photo, it’s just a different tab. I think it’s just in new dashboard though.

      • In the NEW dashboard?
        Damn. I prefer the old dashboard.
        What to do, what to do…..

        • Well, I think it’s new. Try the old one. If it’s not there. Check settings and choose the updated editor {won’t change your dashboard} and it SHOULD be there. I think. From memory.

  • Tracy

    You guys are too cute! I love your outfits too – looking fabulous!

  • Sheri Bomb


    I am lol-ing