Around here I like to do something to minimise the whole idea that I am this primped and wannabe perfect character who finds this whole taking photos of themselves three or four times a week easy, thing. If I could dispel it, I would. Though let’s face it I must enjoy it a little. So when the world of outfit photos gets a little too serious, when I get bogged down in blog wars and all that jazz I turn to my funny photos file. And then I show them to you! So you can have a laugh too. Are you ready? GO.

Windy, meh, what can you do?

plus size sequin skirt fun outfit-1

Like a BOSS. 

custom t-shirt summer outfit plus size-11

No I will NOT smile nicely one more time. 

plus size forever 21 dress casual outfit-1

Are you serious!? 

bloopers post plus size fashion blog-1

My pretend grumpy face {I discovered Hubby taking photos behind my back!}

floral pants chambray shirt casual outfit-2

Then I showed him my guts. 

floral pants chambray shirt casual outfit-1

Rubbish, I hate rubbish. Damn you litter’ers

17 sundays suger tee dress on suger-1

Marilyn moment! 

plus size forever 21 dress casual outfit-7

Eye roll. 

plus size vlack bodycon dress double take-1

Oh wait… Still windy! 

plus size sequin skirt fun outfit-2

Cheeky face. Dirty mind. 

plus size casual outfit horse print-3

Eeeeew. Can you smell that?

floral pants chambray shirt casual outfit-4

So there you go folks. Which is your favourite?

I mean, life’s better when you can laugh, right?


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